Sunday, March 28, 2021

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Devious Forces Hope to Compel Waverly to Embrace Her Full Powers in 'Life Turned Her That Way'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.10 "Life Turned Her That Way"

A deadly foe reemerges in the Ghost River Triangle, intent on finishing a job.

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"Life Turned Her That Way" was written by Noelle Carbone and directed by Jem Garrard

A great power has long resided within Waverly. She has wielded it on a number of occasions as well. That was most recently the case with Margo Clanton. Waverly doesn't fully understand it though. She has been reluctant to embrace her full potential because of how others have wanted to harness what she is capable of doing. People have largely projected inevitable responsibilities onto her. She has been bestowed this life where she doesn't have any choice at all about who she is suppose to be. She wants to be Nicole's wife and Wynonna's sister. That's the happiness she embraces. And yet, malicious forces like Bulshar and Jolene have wanted to utilize her identity as an angel for their devious ambitions in this world. She has been targeted her entire life. Her family has tried their best to protect her. But her power has now been unleashed. It's not something that her loved ones can easily understand either. Everyone acknowledged that it would be agonizing torture for Waverly to sit upon the throne in the Garden. Waverly instinctively gets that. However, it was also a unique and different experience for her. That expectation and sacrifice is still there. It had to be prevented at all costs. It was still an alluring idea as well. One that didn't present itself as being torture for all eternity. That perspective is crucial to understand the burden that she has always carried. Jolene preys on her. She positions Waverly as the constant damsel in distress who must rely on Nicole and Wynonna to save her. She is in pain. Her loved ones want to save her from that. But the demons of this world view all of this as inevitable. Waverly has fought against it for so long. And now, an opportunity arises for Jolene to force this power out of her. It's an action that seals her own fate as well. But it's also part of a much bigger plan. Waverly is satisfied knowing that Jolene won't be around to see it come to its conclusion. However, that's a scary prospect as well. Waverly gives in to her angelic power. It seemingly offers salvation to the Ghost River Triangle too. Once she emerges in that new state, the mysterious fog has lifted. Wynonna is no longer in danger of losing her mind. She just runs the risk of losing her sister in the process. They fought before this conflict occurred as well. Their lives have been defined by the killing of demons. For Wynonna, it's a simple job. One that has grown quite monotonous for her. Killing Holt was different though. That shifted her perspective. She wields Peacemaker again. That inherently gives her authority in this community. She can do whatever she wants once more. That isn't necessarily a good thing. Waverly and Nicole are worried about her. They see the isolation and the depression. Rachel aspires to be a fierce hero like Wynonna. It's not an aspirational identity though. It's one full of sadness. Everyone can still be energized by the need to save Waverly from this cruel and harsh fate. It can't be a choice made for her. The forces of the universe are overwhelmingly trying to make that so. The fog came from the Garden after Waverly escaped. It being indestructible has thrown Black Badge into chaos. Now, that organization has never had stable leadership. It's never provided that much agency as an opposing force in the narrative. It serves that purpose here because the narrative needs to escalate the tension. Jeremy and Doc need to be held prisoner because militaristic leaders have taken over and act with violence immediately. It's horrifying. Of course, it's always fun to see Mercedes again. She also gets shot here. That too is a major escalation. However, she has escaped near certain death before. The expectation should be that she will again. And yet, this community has so much to lose. Wynonna is willing to fight for it. She even sees the benefit of working alongside Cleo to save her sister. And yet, the threat still looms on the horizon. Waverly has become an angel with all the powers that entails. She has transformed. That sets the stage for the final conflict. This could no longer be ignored. It just creates a precarious future for the family at the precise moment when they were already at risk of falling apart. That could never happen. Forces out of their control desperately want to prove that point about the immorality that has always been at the center of their plight in this world.