Friday, April 2, 2021

Development News - Nicholas Podany Joins The CW's 'Powerpuff' Starring Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron and Yana Perreault

Development News - April 2, 2021

The CW's Powerpuff.

  • Nicholas Podany will co-star on the drama pilot starring Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron and Yana Perreault. He previously had a recurring role on The CW's Hart of Dixie.
  • He will play Joseph "Jojo" Mondel Jr., the son of villain Mojo Jojo. Nerdy, power-hungry and insecure, he was obsessed with the crime-fighting trio of supergirls, despite his father's grudge against them. As an adult, he finds his sweetness and rage constant battle.