Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Development News - Nichole Sakura, Angelique Cabral, Chloe Bridges and Kerri Kenney Join 'Maggie'; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - April 6, 2021

ABC's Bucktown and Maggie.

  • Nichole Sakura, Angelique Cabral, Chloe Bridges and Kerri Kenney have been cast on the comedy pilot starring Rebecca Rittenhouse. Sakura starred for six seasons in NBC's Superstore. Cabral starred for four seasons in CBS' Life in Pieces. Bridges starred for two seasons in The CW's The Carrie Diaries. Kenney starred for seven seasons in Comedy Central/Quibi's Reno 911!.
  • Sakura will play Louise, Maggie's (Rittenhouse) best friend since childhood. She is funny, single and ready to mingle, all the time. But make no mistake, Louise gets knocked down repeatedly and somehow she will always get right back up with an even better attitude, full of hope and belief that her life is going to somehow work out.
  • Cabral will play Amy, Ben's (David Del Rio) older sister. She's basically the world's most uptight hippie. A vegan baker who is all about ethical living and sustainable cooking, she's found herself more caught up in the social media pressures of being a food Instagram star promoting that idea than actually helping the world.
  • Bridges will play Jessie, Ben's girlfriend and Maggie's neighbor in the duplex. She's friendly without seeming inauthentic, full of natural kindness and warmth.
  • Kenney will play Maria, Maggie's mother, the kind of person who constantly tells people, "Don't worry about me, I'm easy!" but neither statement is true. She has a strong preoccupation with her daughter's life, and specifically her love life. She can present as "too involved," but that ultimately is born out of love and concern for her gifted only child.
  • Erik Griffin will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Shannon Woodward and Jane Lynch. He previously starred for seven seasons in Comedy Central's Workaholics and two seasons in Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here.
  • He will play Finn, Amy's (Woodward) boss, the sweetest, most open-hearted man who adores his wife and partner, Jan (Nicole Richie), but is not afraid to call her out.