Tuesday, April 6, 2021

REVIEW: 'Supergirl' - Alex and J'onn Are Willing to Risk Everything to Rescue Kara From the Phantom Zone in 'A Few Good Women'

The CW's Supergirl - Episode 6.02 "A Few Good Women"

As the stakes with Lex are raised higher than ever before, Lena must decide how far she is willing to go to stop her brother. Meanwhile, Supergirl and the team are faced with a challenge unlike anything they've ever dealt with before and it brings Alex to her breaking point.

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"A Few Good Women" was directed by Jesse Warn with story by Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller and teleplay by Jay Faerber & Jess Kardos

Supergirl has inspired countless individuals to take up the mantle of being superheroes. Her moral compass and determination has fortified her as a shining example. This world has embraced many of them. The public put their trust in the heroes who face these dire circumstances and alien threats. So many are capable of stepping up to provide that protection without Supergirl still roaming the skies. However, it should still present as a notable difference. Here, the priority of the episode is for Alex and J'onn to find Kara in the Phantom Zone as quickly as possible. They can't allow her to suffer in that realm. All rational arguments are thrown to the side because they are blinded by this emotional impulse. It's all very understandable. They can't lose her. She is their family. That bond is powerful. It defines so much of their lives. This mission is incredibly risky. They have to assemble the proper tools and test others for the expertise necessary to find Kara in this maze. It's all complicated and difficult. That doesn't matter. This simply must occur. Kara's life is at stake. The stability of the world may be shattered without her in it. Of course, that isn't inherently true. Again, many heroes can step up and handle the various threats as they emerge. Right now, the team is focused on saving Kara. That is all that they really care about. It's up to Kelly and M'gann to actually be concerned about the emotional well-being of others. That is the burden they carry through all of this. They want this to succeed just as badly as the rest of the team. However, they have the distance necessary to approach the situation with more rational minds. Everyone knows that Kara will be found. No one is giving up on her. More lives can't be jeopardized in the process. The team may have already made a grave mistake in allowing one of the phantoms to escape from the portal. That may only bring more havoc to Earth. That threat will take priority as well. But again, the focus is just so limited here. Everyone is operating with tunnel vision. It's acceptable given the events that have transpired. It also comes across as incredibly reckless and one-note. The urgency is present within the narrative. However, it seems to be deprived of all meaning. That's unfortunate. It's still compelling to see how the world evolves with Supergirl removed as hero. This is still her show after all. Her character journey still must be a priority. And yet, this season centers on the legacy she has. This is a part of that. Her character has served as a moral inspiration. She helped inspire people to dig deep and uncover what they stand for and how they plan to defend it. That is all powerful. It also happens to come in the same episode where Lex is put on trial for his many crimes. It's the most laughable and disposable attempt at a serious court case that television has depicted in quite awhile. It's plainly bad. Lex is absolutely deserving of being held accountable for his actions. If this is the show's serious attempt at that, then the audience shouldn't hope for anything better or more significant. Some trials hinge upon a star witness or a smoking gun piece of evidence. It's not all that there is though. It seems like the prosecution here did absolutely nothing to present a case. None of the work was done to secure a conviction. Lex doesn't even have to be perceived as the smartest person in the world to be acquitted. The show even wants to fool the audience into believing that he exposes his guilt. It's completely laughable. That extends to also suggesting that Lena will now face some criminal liability. If the show genuinely pursues that, it will only further prove just how poorly the creative ambitions of this season have been thought out. This episode reveals that Kara's father is still alive. He's the latest Kryptonian to have survived the destruction of the planet. It's treated almost like an afterthought though. That's striking. Kara's time in the Phantom Zone should be consequential. It's going to be an ongoing concern. This episode doesn't really establish the stakes outside of vague proclamations of the deaths of all her loved ones. That's just not specific enough for the audience to engage with the story as it develops. This episode is all over the place. The pacing is off. The story doesn't come together to tease interesting ambitions for the final season. It's just annoying decisions that don't offer any reassurance for viewers hoping to see the characters go off on a high note.