Tuesday, April 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Mina and AJ Prepare to Leave Chastain Until an Unexpected Diagnosis Is Made in 'Into the Unknown'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 4.10 "Into the Unknown"

Just when Mina and AJ can see their future together, an unexpected complication throws a wrench in their plans. Cain faces a harsh reality when Kit gives him the opportunity to prove he is ready to return to the OR. Devon presents Rose with a groundbreaking clinical trial that could help her battle with sickle cell anemia.

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"Into the Unknown" was written by Andrew Chapman & Emily Pressley and directed by Kelli Williams

Mina has left Chastain. She's on a plane to return to Nigeria. AJ hasn't gone with her. He is staying in Atlanta after his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. This action essentially allows the show to present a willingness for AJ to embrace joy and happiness with Mina without having to follow through on the promise of removing both of them from this central environment. This season finally put them together as a couple. It was a long time coming. They were solid from the very first moment. The only tension came from her immigration status. She has found a way to be happy and content with this move back to Nigeria. She celebrated AJ being willing to come with her. That's how powerful this love is between them. He is willing to walk away from his entire life in order to stay with her. That's all that matters. In the end though, it's not. He has family responsibilities in Atlanta still. His mother needs him as she goes through this grueling ordeal. Everyone hoped for the best regarding her condition. She was simply overreacting after getting dizzy and hitting her head. All of the initial tests didn't show anything concerning. She has glad her son was pursuing his own happiness. She was disappointed he was leaving. She never wanted to stand in his way. And now, the right and responsible thing for him to do is remain with her in what will be the final years of her life. It's emotionally devastating. Neither Mina nor AJ see this as the end for them. She can possibly return at some point in the future. He can potentially join her in the Nigeria once this family tragedy peaks. For now though, they will be apart. They will yearn for each other. They will want to be apart of each other's lives. This is a goodbye though. The hospital staff does their best to honor the two brilliant surgeons they've had the honor of working alongside for years. It's a celebration of love and friendship. It comes at a particularly grueling time. But it also highlights the many meaningful dynamics Mina has had over the years. It's unfortunate that she is being forced away. Her skills will serve her country well. She will be leaving behind the family that she has formed in the states though. That will be a huge loss for her life. Nic is still there to provide any kind of support she needs. She can always be honest about everything going on. She doesn't have to fake any emotion or dampen the tragic news during the farewell party. She can be completely real and honest. She won't be leaving with AJ. Their love may endure. It's an unknown. AJ's life will still remain centered in the drama at Chastain. His place will go unchanged. Meanwhile, Mina will leave a void in this environment. That may potentially be filled by Billie, who performs her first surgery here. She just happens to do so alongside Cain. He does enough to prove to Kitt that he can operate at the hospital once more. Billie has to step in to save the patient though. A tragic outcome doesn't occur as a result of Cain's eagerness to operate once more. That could have happened. He is being reckless. That has always been a core part of his character. There is no reason for that to change now even though he has a new connection through Rose. She hopes to bring something new out of him. Something that allows him to see beyond life at the hospital and surgery. She is hopeful. She believes the medical field is looking for a way to cure her genetic disease. A clinical trial excites everyone. That's a future everyone wants to celebrate and fight for as well. These doctors care about their patients. They want to ease their pain and suffering. Sometimes the fight is grueling. It occurs over a long period of time as well. Some answers can be found through surgery. Others just take the right diagnosis and treatment. Tragedy frequently occurs throughout this hospital. Hope must prevail too. That needs to be an underlying emotion in all of this. The show does present a case to remain hopeful even though one of the best surgeons is now leaving. It's sad. The show still has plenty of more stories it's interested in telling though. Of course, it's odd that Devon needs a matchmaker to point out that Leela is a potential love interest for him. That was clear long before he hired a professional to make it more obvious.