Thursday, April 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Charles' Insecurities Start to Show and Cause Potential Turmoil for His Company in 'FKA Millennial'

Paramount+'s Younger - Episode 7.03 "FKA Millennial"

With her personal life on rocky ground, Liza focuses on work and a new book pitch by sexy surfer, Kai Manning. The Empirical team meets with Quinn Tyler, whose latest book idea was inspired by Charles. Empirical rebrands.

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"FKA Millennial" was written by Dottie Dartland Zicklin & Eric Zicklin and directed by Andrew Fleming

Charles proposed to Liza even though he didn't feel secure in the relationship. He never truly thought that he had her whole heart. He felt like she was always potentially yearning for something elsewhere. Maggie confirms that he was wrong to feel that way. In fact, it's good to see this insight into Charles' mind. The story easily could have been about Liza struggling in the aftermath of this breakup especially in seeing how well Charles seems to be doing. He has the ability to be nice and pleasant in their interactions. However, he is making reckless and impulsive decisions as well. Nothing sexual is happening between him and Quinn. Of course, everyone can obviously see that as a possibility now. It's on Quinn's mind. It's on Liza's mind. It's a concern. It's not something that Charles is thinking about. He simply sees a book that can be a hit for the company. That's where he wants to focus. And yet, it's not as simple as that. He is completely willing to welcome Quinn back into the fold even though she nearly destroyed the company and the personal relationships that make up this family. In fact, it's difficult for people to continually feel as if they can only grow so far. There is only so much they can do within this company. As such, it's reasonable for them to let out their frustrations. It happens both professionally and personally here. Kelsey was the publisher of Millennial. And now, that brand is completely dead. Empirical rises once more. A party happens to celebrate the rebrand. Kelsey smiles her way through it. It's easy for her to do because she feels respected and wanted at this company. She cherishes these relationships. And yet, she may still have a ceiling for what she can accomplish in this place. So many different and exciting pitches come through the boardroom. Kelsey has smart instincts. People want to reduce her down to being an inexperienced leader who will have an outburst upon hearing news about Zane. People want to see her fail. It's twisted. It's comforting when Liza can provide her with the release she needs in that precise moment. That's a true friend stepping up to provide encouragement and support. That friendship continues to be incredibly healthy. Kelsey stands united with Liza in opposing Quinn's new book. Charles makes a deal anyway. He sees the potential for success. He does so not truly engaging with the company that he leads once more. This environment is changing. It's subtle. It may not evolve overnight. However, it's happening. It can't be ignored. These limitations are apparent. It may be time for some of the characters to explore other creative opportunities. Liza bonds more with Kai Manning in a much more lowkey setting than the lavish party celebrating the return of Empirical. It's a showcase of wealth. It's not grounded in true human connection. Sure, the audience can plainly see sexual tension between Liza and Kai as well. It's only one episode after Liza and Charles break up and the show is already flinging new potential love interests at them. This show has always been romantic at its heart. But it's also fascinating to see the wisdom it has gained as it has aged. Josh can speak eloquently about tattoos being an expression of one's journey in life. It's still a tumultuous business. One where people can demand some crazy things. However, connections can easily form as well. Josh is an artist who can help facilitate others expressing their true selves. That's beautiful in a way. It's understandable why people want to collaborate with him. It's all based in friendships. Everyone provides support no matter what Liza needs in this moment. She is still processing it all herself. She doesn't want to repeat patterns. It seems like Charles wants that to occur. It may simply be an error in communication. But again, that all comes back to trust and understanding. Charles was uncertain in the relationship. That made it easier for him to pull away now. He has still lost out though. He couldn't see things clearly. And now, that may transition to his business at a time when he needs Liza, Kelsey and Lauren's support and editorial wisdom. Of course, Diana is missed in this environment as well. She was a core part of the comedic ensemble of this show. Her voice has been missing this season. Sure, it's amusing to see Lauren essentially transition into Diana. It's a decision made out of admiration. But a substitute is no match for the real thing. Hopefully, something is coming soon regarding her future in the company as well.