Thursday, April 22, 2021

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza Expresses Her Fears of Marriage in a More Tangible and Understandable Way in 'The Last Unicorn'

Paramount+ Younger - Episode 7.05 "The Last Unicorn"

After Quinn's new romance goes public, Liza decides to fact-check her manuscript. Maggie gets an exciting new job offer and love interest. Sparks fly between Liza and someone from her old life.

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"The Last Unicorn" was written by Grant Sloss and directed by Jennifer Arnold

Liza managed to completely reinvent her life. She has been surprised every step of the way as well. These new relationships she has fostered have completely changed her life. They have actually made it more rewarding. She doesn't want to lose any of this individuality. That's how she views the ongoing conversation about marriage. She is informed by the past because so much of her former marriage was in service to David. He wasn't deserving of that sacrifice either. Of course, Liza also loved the time she spent with Caitlin. However, her daughter is now off living her own life. She is making her own choices. Her independence has been affirmed and empowered. Liza took a chance at a different life. She was surprised she could fool people into thinking she was younger. She built this new career for herself. She doesn't want to give any of that up. She inherently thinks that she will have to in order to abide by the demands of marriage. Charles wasn't asking her to make that sacrifice. He wants someone by his side who is committed to him. Liza wants a relationship as well. She doesn't want a bunch of meaningless flings. That life doesn't appeal to her. She is scared of what this institution could mean for her ability to thrive in the future. And yes, it is ultimately based around the marriage. Charles has made sacrifices in order to be with Liza. She has been more tentative in that regard. She wants the time and space to figure out what she wants. She made this bold proclamation at the start of the season. She didn't view that as a reason for her relationship with Charles to end. And now, she's devastated to learn that he has started dating Quinn. She is looking for any potential lie to completely derail her new book. No one at Empirical should trust Quinn. But she has presented a pitch that seems capable of selling. Sure, everyone should be skeptical of that considering she boosted the numbers of her last novel. This one promises to be more raw and genuine. She has shown a willingness to actually listen to the notes of those around her. She formerly operated as if she was always right and could do whatever she wanted. This season has strived to bring out more humanity in Quinn. It has certainly done a better job in explaining why she would desire this relationship with Charles. It's incredibly murky why Charles is going along with all of this. It's weird. The show hasn't really built up that connection. It's mostly something that occurs because they are in close proximity to each other. It's not something presented as having valid feelings on Charles' part. As such, it's hard to believe that he is all that invested in this bond. It may just be a way for him to bounce back after ending things with Liza. He sees the potential for a meaningful commitment with Quinn. Of course, Liza learns that Quinn just wants to change her biography in order to become a more appealing politician. Her Senate campaign may have been doomed because of sexist standards. Liza is aware that Quinn is just using Charles. He may be happy to go along with that because it can provide meaningful structure to his life once more. He was never disillusioned about marriage. He always saw the potential benefits. Liza remains concerned. But now, she is incentivized to help Charles before he seemingly makes this massive mistake. Of course, that would also be her choosing to implode his life once more. She may come across as the ex-girlfriend obsessed with what he is doing after the end of their relationship. This season has offered more introspection for its characters. It presents a case where they can have mature conversations about their desires and what's working out in their lives. Claire and Rob have an amicable break-up. It's not a big, dramatic thing like Kelsey and Lauren expect. That quality still dominates their personal lives to an extent. This also represents growth in Claire's life after the choices she made in the past. But again, that reveals that these characters are growing up. Life isn't necessarily easy on them. In fact, it's still complicated for Maggie even though she is hired as a professor who can explain the realities of working as an artist right now. Overall though, they have the necessary perspectives to know when relationships are worth nurturing and which are just going through the motions at this point. The show is still full of drama with its twists and turns. But it's also clearly trying to settle into something much more comforting and meaningful as it explores the ends for these characters. This journey has been rewarding for all of them. They aren't finished yet either. Their bonds with each other inspire a willingness to be better. Liza is jealous. She can expose Quinn's deception. She may act out of love. That too will inform just how far she is willing to go to accept that life with Charles. It probably won't forever doom her to a life without surprises or unexpected developments. That's her concern and she expresses that more effectively here.