Monday, May 10, 2021

REVIEW: '9-1-1' - The City Goes Crazy While Trying to Find Buried Treasure Left Behind by a Famous Author in 'Treasure Hunt'

FOX's 9-1-1 - Episode 4.12 "Treasure Hunt"

When a famous mystery writer dies, Athena, Bobby and the 118 respond to the chaos caused by a city-wide manhunt for buried treasure the author left behind.

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"Treasure Hunt" was written by Bob Goodman and directed by David Grossman

A pompous and arrogant millionaire sends the entire city of Los Angeles on a wild goose chase to prove that his perspective on humanity is just as greedy and depraved as he has always assumed. He has such a condescending view of people in this world. He can't fathom someone risking their lives for someone else they care about. He is a fundamentally selfish person. As such, he has gone through life believing that everyone else operates in the same way. He sets off this entire treasure hunt with news of his death. He promises a fortune that can be absolutely life-changing to so many. Sure, the story also highlights the many foolish things people do in the name of uncovering this treasure. Common sense does go flying out the window. The first responders have to deal with that during their shifts. However, they too are pulled into this mystery. They are intrigued by the promise of this discovery. At first, they dismiss this treasure hunt as not being real. It would be insane to be consumed by this mystery. They can't place their entire self of worth on whether or not they solve this insane puzzle. It's not even smart or clever either. Everyone comments on how poorly written the clue is from the author. He insists that it's a poem. It plays more as a riddle. It's complicated and confusing. People who have consumed his work aren't particularly surprised by his casual and dismissive tone towards humanity. He isn't a creative person. He has found success as one though. He is using this entire endeavor just to invigorate his imagination once more. He doesn't know how to end his latest novel. He has already spent the book advance and the film rights have been sold. Of course, one can question whether or not Tom Hanks would want to star in this film. The book is never completed either. The story ends with the author's long-suffering assistant digging up the fortune and leaving the country. As such, the grand mystery is played off as something that never existed in the first place. The injuries and the emotions brought out of this search are though. Someone has to be held responsible for that. And yet, Athena finds that there isn't much the police can actually do in this situation. No charges seem to fit the crime. Lives are forever changed. The author dies because he doesn't receive life-saving treatment in time. The witness can make the rational argument that she never intended for that to happen. That perspective seems apparent. It can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt though. The same extends to the author faking his death in the first place. It never had to be proven true. Of course, the media should have done more to actually validate the news. Taylor beats herself up over that. As such, she is determined to pursue this story until its conclusion with the discovery of the fortune. She isn't given that opportunity though. Instead, everyone just has to walk away believing they know the truth even though the confirmation doesn't occur here. However, the 118 and their loved ones at least have that clarity. The rest of the city is led to believe that it was all pointless. It was an empty story put forth by a greedy millionaire to appease his selfish desires. It's still a fun concept overall though. No one wants to admit how motivated they are by this treasure hunt. That never seems to hit Athena. She always thinks it's silly. However, her perspective is the one that ultimately leads to the treasure's discovery. Other people got to the same conclusion. Hers is what is depicted onscreen. She crafts the narrative as she witnesses all of these personal twists and turns. It's silly and ridiculous. That's her job sometimes though. She indulges a little. She never really buys in. She still sees this as her calling though. It's what she wants to be doing until the day she dies. That strikes a concerning note for Bobby though. That should extend to the audience as well. Bobby wants to have a serious conversation about their future. They are tied together in that regard. Athena makes a joke of it all. She is entitled to that opinion. She is grounded in her ways. She doesn't need someone to convince her what to do. She should still be open to having that larger conversation with her husband. He wants to be in on the decisions being made. He doesn't want to just hear about it after the fact. In some instances, they are a team. However, some cracks seem to be appearing as well. They aren't as noticeable as Buck yearning for Taylor. They are still present though for the keen observer.