Monday, May 10, 2021

Casting News - Jamie Bell Joins Apple's 'Shining Girls'; Stefanie Scott to Star in Peacock's 'Girl in the Woods'; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - May 10, 2021

AppleTV+'s Shining Girls; Peacock's Girl in the Woods; and Starz's The Serpent Queen.

  • Amrita Acharia, Enzo Cilenti, Barry Atsma, Nicholas Burns and Danny Kirrane will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Samantha Morton. Moreover, Charles Dance, Ludivine Sagnier, Liv Hill, Kiruna Stamell and Colm Meaney have been cast in recurring roles.
  • Acharia (Game of Thrones) will play Aabis, a member of Catherine's (Morton) retinue. She is Muslim, a Moor by birth, but procured and converted by Pope Clement to Christianity after war with Suleiman the Ottoman Emperor. Everything that Catherine is not, with a beauty that regularly invokes the desire of powerful men, she is at first grateful to be rescued by Catherine from the predation of Pope Clement. Once in the Valois court, however, Aabis earns Catherine's envy and realizes too late she may have entered into a Faustian bargain of her own.
  • Cilenti (Domina) will play Ruggieri, a magician and soothsayer peddling his talents on the streets of Florence alongside peasants and grifters. Catherine invites him to join her retinue with no thoughts to the man's own agenda or crimes. After he joins her in the French court by becoming her personal guide to the black arts, he changes his life and hers, forever.
  • Atsma (The Split) will play Montmorency. In a royal court where nobody thinks of anything but their own survival and status, he has the dubious distinction of actually caring about the greater good of the society he serves as its foremost military leader. Concepts like fairness, equality and justice mean something to his man. Consequently, he is almost always a step behind the other members of court, who find him either a bore or a hindrance to their scheming. When Montmorency converts to Protestantism, it is that rare thing: genuine. His goodness and wisdom finally win him the trust and faith of King Charles IX, Catherine's second son. Unfortunately, his guidance of the young monarch puts him directly in Catherine's crosshairs - provoking her rage, hatred and ultimately, deadly vengeance.
  • Burns (Harlots) will play Antoine de Bourbon, the eldest of the Bourbon brothers who is married to Jeanne D'Albret, the daughter of Marguerite, Queen of Navarre and King Francis' sister. In this way, his father hopes the Bourbons will move closer to the Valois. But Antoine is lazy and a sensualist, much more motivated by his own comforts and titillations than any power plays.
  • Kirrane (Don't Forget the Driver) will play Louis de Bourbon, the stronger willed and more intelligent Bourbon brother. He is not as easy for the Valois to manipulate and ridicule but he is not as intelligent as he thinks himself to be.
  • Dance (Game of Thrones, The Crown) will play Pope Clement. Sagnier (Lupin) will play Diane. Hill (Three Girls) will play Young Catherine. Stamell (The New Pope) will play Mathilde. Meaney (Hell on Wheels) will play King Francis.
  • Stefanie Scott, Misha Osherovich and Sofia Bryant will star in the upcoming drama from Crypt TV. Additionally, Will Yun Lee, Kylie Liya Page, Reed Diamond and Leonard Roberts have been cast in recurring roles. Scott stars in the Insidious film franchise. Osherovich starred in the 2020 film Freaky. Bryant starred in Netflix's one-season series I Am Not Okay With This. Lee currently stars in ABC's The Good Doctor, which has been renewed for a fifth season. Page guest starred in Netflix's Social Distance. Diamond has recurred on ABC's Designated Survivor and Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Roberts has recurred on CBS' Mom and Syfy's The Magicians.
  • Scott will play Carrie, a mysterious warrior who escaped from a cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door in the woods. She flees the colony and finds herself fighting to stay safe in the previously sleepy, small town of West Pine in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Osherovich will play Nolan, the child of environmental activists embroiled in the town debate about the safety of the local mine and a bullied teen exploring gender identity. Nolan is suspicious of Carrie and the strange forces that begin to haunt West Pine after her arrival.
  • Bryant will play Tasha, the child of miners on the opposite side of the environmental debate. Despite their parent's differences, Tasha and Nolan are best friends albeit friends who react very differently to Carrie's arrival. Where Nolan is initially skeptical, Tasha immediately looks to help Carrie and learn more about the mysterious colony.
  • Lee will play Arthur Deane aka AD, Carrie's former mentor turned foe who is tasked with hunting Carrie down and returning her to the colony so she can face the consequence of her desertion.
  • Page will play Sara, Carrie's former best friend and flame from the colony. Carrie and Sara have a long and complicated history - one that haunts Carrie as she builds new relationships with Tasha and Nolan.
  • Diamond will play Hosea, the leader of the colony in the woods tasked with protecting its secrets, and upholding the ridged rules of the communities sacred institution.
  • Roberts will play Alex, Tasha's loving father and leader of the West Pine miners. He is naturally caring and welcomes Carrie. But he faces major financial hardship and pressure around potential mine closings. Pressure that could make him vulnerable to temptations from the colony.
  • Jamie Bell has joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura. He previously starred for four seasons in AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies. He has also starred in the feature films Fantastic Four, Rocketman and Without Remorse.
  • He will play a mysterious loner with a surprising connection to Kirby (Moss).