Thursday, May 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Grey's Anatomy' - Jackson's Big News Inspires Others to Reflect on the Lives They Have at the Moment in 'Tradition'

ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Episode 17.15 "Tradition"

Jackson shares his big news with his colleagues. Koracick and Levi fight to save a pregnant woman's grandfather as she goes into labor. Maggie keeps a watchful eye on Meredith as Bailey and Richard put off telling her about DeLuca.

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"Tradition" was written by Jess Righthand and directed by Kevin McKidd

How much have we lost as a result of the pandemic? That question is still revealing new details more than a year after the initial wave. So many lives have been lost as a result of people being selfish and divided. The pandemic revealed new layers within those societal conflicts. People are marching on the streets fighting for a better world. That has inspired hope. And yet, so many innocent people of color are still being abused and killed by the police. The nation is in mourning. Death consumes doctors. They are all forced to reevaluate their own life choices. The doctors at Grey Sloan were so certain in their professions. They were exactly where they wanted to be in their lives. And now, everything has changed as a result of the pandemic. Sure, the burden is lessening in the COVID ward. The doctors remark on the more effective treatments and the protocols that have been developed along the way. It was still a scary and overwhelming time for so many. That upheaval has defined so much of this season. It has pushed everyone to their breaking points. They can't walk away or ignore it either. They must take care of themselves in order to help others. They can't do so blindly. They need full awareness of where they can best be of service. This pandemic has forced several awakenings in that regard. Jo was confident in her skills as a general surgeon. She was an attending at the hospital. She had power and respect. And now, she is deciding to change career paths. All it took was her being pulled into a delivery. She found a new way to embrace and accept joy in life. That is so affirming and magical to watch. It comes at a time when Carina is leaving for a little bit. She isn't gone for good. She can still teach Jo so much. But Jo has found a new place for her heart to call home. That extends to Jackson as well. For his entire life, he has been running away from his responsibilities with the family foundation. He had to live up to a famous name. He has forged his own path. He is a world renowned plastic surgeon. And yet, he now feels motivated to break down the system and ensure racial equity exists across the board. He needs to take charge of the foundation and force the change that's needed in the world. He can no longer hope that his personal wealth and donations are good enough. He needs to be even more active in implementing these changes. His mother is happy for him. Koracick is even inspired by what he is doing. Of course, all of this comes as a declaration of him leaving Grey Sloan to move to Boston. He has the clarity and ability to do just that. That's where he can best lead on this front. He is incredibly grateful for everything he has learned and done at the hospital. He appreciates the doctors and friends he has met along the way. They have been influential to his life. He hopes he has extended the same courtesy. But his exit also highlights the droves of doctors leaving the profession because they have experienced more death in the last year than they have ever seen before. Koracick feels lucky as one of the patients with COVID who survived. He acknowledges that he must do more in order to improve the world. He is leaving the hospital as well. He joins Jackson on his venture. Now, this exit feels a little more flimsy. It's not thought out in a meaningful way. And yet, some of those elongated exits have been questionable as well. And so, Koracick gets a short and sweet farewell. Meanwhile, everyone celebrates Meredith getting to go home. Sure, Bailey is terrified of telling her about what happened to DeLuca. But Meredith already has peace in knowing that DeLuca is happily reunited with his mother. Moreover, she is back at home with her kids. That's exactly where she needs to be. She appreciates everything Amelia has done for her while she was stuck in the hospital. The future looked uncertain for a long time. And now, she has emerged on the other side of this disease. Her life may still be incredibly changed as a result of all of this. The doctors remark on how well she is recovering. And yet, it's still unknown just how vast this pandemic will change our world. That acknowledgement is necessary throughout all of this. Not everything can return to what it once was. That would be disrespectful to everything that has occurred. But we have the responsibility to honor the past while creating a better future.