Sunday, May 2, 2021

REVIEW: 'Pose' - Blanca and Ricky Deliver Tough Love in the Hopes of Getting Pray Tell to Stop Drinking in 'Intervention'

FX's Pose - Episode 3.02 "Intervention"

When Pray's alcoholism leads to expected consequences, Blanca stages a much-needed intervention. Blanca nervously prepares to meet Christopher's parents.

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"Intervention" was written by Steven Canals & Our Lady J and directed by Steven Canals

The House of Evangelista has reunited. They are walking at the balls once more. However, everything isn't as it once was. They don't need to be perfect either. They can coast on nostalgia. But they are also passionate about using this platform to help their loved ones in need. Blanca believes she has failed Damon. He has fallen off the wagon while traveling the country. Temptation is constantly around these performers. It's hard to be sober in this environment. Drugs and alcohol are easily accessible. They contribute to the overall cycle of making so many feel like they don't deserve anything better in life. The balls are a celebration. However, they can mask the true feelings on display within each of these people. Pray Tell is terrified of being alone. He fears that everyone is going to leave him. That has always been the pattern of his life. He doesn't want to get close to people. He has welcomed that into his world though. It has been made richer because of that. People care about him. They are concerned about his drinking. He has a problem that has disrupted every single relationship he has. Ricky feels compelled to make an ultimatum. Pray needs to stop drinking or risk losing Ricky for good. He is willing to walk away from this relationship. He refuses to be condemned and trapped within this dynamic. The argument that he doesn't deserve anything better because he too is HIV-positive is a false one and a cheap blow. It's meant to hurt. It inflicts harm. It's done towards the people Pray loves the most. And yet, he can't see clearly in this regard. He is caught in a cycle of abuse. He hates drinking. But he also drinks to forget about the pain and hate he has. It is ever present in his life. He has made it a fixture. Blanca plans for an intervention. The House of Evangelista walks in several categories to collect the necessary money for Pray to attend rehab. The intervention is very impromptu. No one is exactly prepared. It's still needed in this moment. None of them are perfect. They have their own struggles. They can sometimes voice those concerns to others. Other times, they are self-destructive and incapable of listening to anyone else. Angel and Lulu are addicted as well. They are paranoid because of the cocaine. They fear anything being said towards them is a condemnation of their character. Their loved ones are voicing their concerns. It takes the right people stepping up in order to make a difference though. Elektra can pull the House together for the big night. She too may simply be masking this need for perfection in others to distract from the loneliness and isolation she has felt for far too long. She isn't willing to address that. Nor does she have to at the moment. Pray, Angel and Lulu aren't as lucky. Angel has been focused on working again. And yet, she comes to the realization that she isn't good for anyone so long as she continues smoking and thinking everyone is out to get her. Pray has a similar breakthrough. He has to fight to keep living. He can't condemn himself to a life of sadness and despair simply because of the disease he has. He is surrounded by so much tragedy. Friends and loved ones are constantly dying. He has to care for himself too. Otherwise, he will be just another number. Another funeral for his friends to attend. He can't give up the fight. Choosing life also means addressing this problem. It's difficult and raw for him to do so. He has support though. Blanca is there for him every step of the way. Sure, she needs people to step up and support her as well. She needs Christopher to defend her against his mother's snide comments and high expectations for her son. She receives that. It's a beautiful moment. One that suggests true love and a relationship worth investing in. So many people are forced to accept that they can only have small dreams and ambitions in this world. This community is being silenced. Living proudly is a huge statement. One that can't be ignored. It also requires passion and true understanding of one's self. It's difficult so much of the time because the barriers to entry seem so high and extreme. Beauty is always around this world though. It must be discovered. The House of Evangelista has each other. They are a family. The temptation for despair is always real. And yet, their lives can be so much more as well. It's an active choice they have to keep on making though. It's so easy to give up. It's not kind to the people left behind though. That burden must be understood too. Otherwise, the tragedy will only compound. Joy and celebration must permeate throughout this world. It can be tough to see at times. The people worth it will always help expose it and empower those who are lost for a moment. Reaching out is so important. It's life-saving. Everyone gets a piece of that here through numerous different ways big and small.