Saturday, May 8, 2021

REVIEW: 'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' - The Bad Batch Hopes an Old Ally Can Provide Direction on Their Journey in 'Cut and Run'

Disney+'s Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 1.02 "Cut and Run"

The Bad Batch visit an old contact.

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"Cut and Run" was written by Gursimran Sandhu and directed by Steward Lee

Hunter believes Omega needs a family. It's safer for her to leave with Cut and Suu. They have experience hiding from the Empire. He left the clone army and never looked back. He started a family. He has always led with compassion and an ability to keep his family safe. That is in danger now because the war has come to an end. The Empire is radically changing everything. Traveling is being limited to those who can gain access to the new system meant to track and identify people. The Bad Batch has to carry out a mission in order to offer safe passage to Cut's family. It's a mission they are devoted to because they can now relate to his impulse to run and hide. He started something beautiful. He found that even in the chaos and madness of the war. Meanwhile, that's the only life the Bad Batch has ever known. Hunter doesn't see that as being a safe environment for a child. The world is changing. He can barely make sense of it himself. He doesn't know how to be a parent. That responsibility falls onto him though. Cut and Suu have the experience. Omega doesn't want to be with them though. The Bad Batch chose to return to Onderon to save her. She is a defective clone as well. They feel a kinship with her. However, people note that the Kaminoan scientists created these defective clones for a reason. The Bad Batch has long served its purpose. They offered a different take for how clones could work in the field. They were each developed with a special skill. The show is still finding innovative ways to showcase what all they are capable of doing. Sure, it goes for the easy humor of Echo and Tech not realizing that Omega is on the ship when their grand plan is for it to be taken by the troopers on the ground. They see that as the only rational idea to gain access to the technology that grants these new travel codes. It continues to place Omega at the center of the action. That's not a place where any child should be. And yet, that is the reality of this world. The galaxy has been at war for years. People have grown up and had many experiences shaped by it. It wasn't the only threat that exists out there. Omega is seeing all of this for the first time. She never left Onderon before. As such, she marvels at the dirt on Saleucami. It's a simple pleasure. One that also highlights her youthful spirit. She also feels compelled to push the boundaries of the world around her. That puts her in danger. However, she is brave too. She will carry on the mission when Tech and Echo are incapable of doing so. She takes that risk. She is rewarded for it as well. And yet, Hunter still wants her to leave. He believes this family will take better care of her. She will be better protected by people who now how to stay out of the political influence. That shroud is increasingly changing and growing more dominant as well. This planet was once deemed safe. It was far away from the conflict. The war still came here. Life still changed. Cut's family must move somewhere else to perhaps find safety together once more. That fate could befall the Bad Batch as well. They are still trying to get their bearings in this world. Omega wants to remain with them. She makes that active choice. Sure, it throws her into danger once more. She needs to be saved. She is a child who makes decision that terrify her parental figures. The connection is already present. Plus, the talk of her special skills is enough to suggest some significant value from her continuing on this journey with the Bad Batch. The show hasn't offered much direction overall quite yet. However, it knows that the stakes of the world have changed and the way these characters fit into the story. That upheaval is necessary to tell unexpected stories within this world. That dynamic continues to intrigue while the show offers sweet sentimentality through the connection Omega has with the other members of the Bad Batch. Again, it's a simple ambition. One that doesn't seem to provoke much thought into the deeper issues and emotions at play. It's a story about survival. That simplicity is needed as the show continues to establish itself and its characters.