Sunday, May 16, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Great North' - Fear and Anticipation May Destroy Wolf and Honeybee's Perfect Wedding in 'My Fart Will Go On Adventure'

FOX's The Great North - Episode 1.11 "My Fart Will Go On Adventure"

While the family prepares for Wolf and Honeybee's wedding, an unexpected guest RSVPs.

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"My Fart Will Go On Adventure" was written by Laura Hooper Beck & Mike Olsen and directed by Will Strode

The Tobin siblings have yet to contend with the return of their mother Kathleen to Lone Moose. They are absolutely terrified by the notion. However, they also disappointed when it ultimately doesn't occur. Family means so much to all of them. They are terrified whenever they are perceived as growing apart due to new interests. Everyone is committed to this family. Their mother is missing though. They yearn for her to be in their lives even though they know just how much of a train wreck she actually is. They know she will ruin Wolf and Honeybee's wedding if she shows up. They make an elaborate plan to have her attend a shadow wedding so that everything can be perfect just like Honeybee deserves. Honeybee has proven herself as part of the family too. She deserves to be kept in the loop. Of course, the Tobins are terrible at keeping secrets. They want to keep the potential arrival of Kathleen a secret. They don't really tell one another. They just all happen to overhear it. It's something that drives a lot of conversation and concern about this special day. Wolf believes that he can only rely on Judy to handle this information. Ham and Moon are quickly brought in as well. They are followed by Beef, who certainly has the most personal and complicated relationship with Kathleen. It wasn't until the start of the series that he was willing to admit that she left the family. He was more willing to believe that she had been eaten by a bear. Her death gave him comfort. It left him emotionally stunted in a way. And now, the potential of seeing her again triggers him. He refuses to allow her presence to destroy this wedding. He too knows that those expectations have to be carefully managed. He can't handle the actual details of the plan. He is certainly capable of crafting a distraction. He can engage fully with Honeybee's family. He can show them around Lone Moose. He can speak with pride as to why this is a great place to live. This is the first time visiting for many of them. Honeybee and Jerry have made this home. Their lives are here now. And the Shaws are completely accepting of the idea that families aren't perfect. They too have relatives that they believe to be total messes who would only ruin things if they showed up. That concern isn't motivating them into action in the moments before the wedding. Instead, that burden has to be carried by the Tobins. They don't have to do so alone. Wolf and Honeybee are getting married. That means they should be able to lean on each other. Wolf wants to be completely honest. He is rewarded for doing so. The Shaws just stumble into this conversation. They are totally understanding. They want to give Honeybee the wedding she deserves as well. She gets that too. It's a perfect celebration of the film Titanic. Again, the show loves appreciating the films and television shows of the past. The references aren't particularly current. But they are used to build greater understandings amongst the characters because they bring relevance to their lives. It's shocking when everyone believes Kathleen has shown up. In reality, it's just an extra from the movie Honeybee was able to convince to attend. That small gesture excites Wolf. This is the perfect setting for them to display their love. At the end of the season, the Tobin family has grown. The siblings are still together lamenting the loss of their mother. She isn't around to be a part of their lives. That would be chaotic. They do miss her though. Beef appreciates all that she has given them. She helped bring this family together. That remains a cherished bond for each of them. And now, they get to celebrate Honeybee as well. It's all an expression of love. Sure, the show probably has to bring Kathleen to Lone Moose at some point. It can only tell so many stories centered around her and the tease of her potentially returning to her children's lives. It's also not necessary either. It's a big deal because of the momentous occasion for Wolf and Honeybee. She chooses not to attend. She misses out on the beauty. The family can celebrate though. That's what they deserve. Their lives will be more fulfilled now that the family has grown. And so, the audience can be certain of even more great stories in the future. Wolf and Honeybee are married. Their branch continues to grow off the main family tree. They still rely on everyone else and count on their love. That's dependable. It's a joy to see while having a lot of fun along the way too.