Tuesday, May 11, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Hopeful News Radiates Throughout the Hospital Even as Leela Suffers a Loss in 'Finding Family'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 4.13 "Finding Family"

On the day of Nic's baby shower, Billie takes full control to make sure it goes smoothly, but a secret she's been hiding changes everything. Devon and Leela stumble upon an apartment fire, where they assist in getting victims safely to Chastain and Leela gets a chance to prove her skills to AJ. Jake and his husband deal with the complications of Sammie's health, as they prepare to become more permanent fixtures in her life. Both AJ and Rose receive exciting news.

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"Finding Family" was written by Marc Halsey & Anthony Chin-Quee and directed by Kelli Williams

What kind of doctor do you want to be? Devon asks Leela that question after she suffers the devastating loss of her patient. It extends to the entire philosophy of the profession as well. People can use these medical skills in many different ways. Devon and Leela help paramedics in the field treat victims of an apartment fire. They help triage the cases and recognize which person needs an ambulance ride to Chastain immediately. They are of service to their community in that moment. They continue to help in the emergency room. Their skills even extend to a life-saving procedure in the operating room. All of this is incredible. AJ remarks how lucky this patient is. And yet, it's still not enough to save his life. He has so much love and compassion for the people around him. He cares about their lives and wants to know about them. Leela opens up a little bit. She is expected to serve as his doctor. She can't get too emotionally attached. She cares because he is a genuinely good guy willing to risk his life to save others. He is a hero during this fire. He dies as a result of complications from these injuries. There is nothing Leela could have done differently. She still carries this burden. Devon consoles her. He is extending the same gracious advice that was given to him when he was a young resident. This system wants these new, young doctors to succeed. They understand the grueling aspects of this job. It never gets easier. And yet, they have found their callings in life. They have clarity about how to best use their skills. Sometimes, life throws curveballs. AJ was unable to move to Nigeria with Mina. He had to stay at home and help his mother face a daunting cancer diagnosis. He always remained hopeful about her condition. He is given a reason to celebrate here. Everything about her treatment has gone well. Nothing has disrupted the process whatsoever. She feels incredibly lucky. She is grateful to have AJ as a son. She trusts him with her life. He was never worried. So much of it was up to chance though. He needed to take things one step at a time. The family is seemingly rewarded for doing so. The tumors have disappeared. The treatment is working. That optimism inspires hope. The same applies to Rose learning that the experimental trial has worked. Her sickle cell disease has essentially been cured. Now, a lot of this story is experienced from Devon's perspective. He passes her care off to Conrad for a little bit because he essentially can't be in the room with Cain dealing with this hopeful celebration. He doesn't believe that Cain is entitled to experience that as well. However, he doesn't know the full story. The audience has experienced that journey. Cain hasn't dramatically changed. He has simply allowed his life to open up a little more. He cares about Rose. He celebrates the news alongside her. Devon making it about him doesn't really work at all. It's a complicated note because it's clear the episode is too busy with story demands that must include him. He has to be there for both Rose and Leela. As such, an excuse is given for Conrad to be more vital to the proceedings. It's awkward and the excuse given doesn't work. It's a slight distraction to the overall episode. Elsewhere, Jake and Greg are officially planning on adopting Sammie. It's a conversation that mostly happened offscreen. Now, it's just important to see them as a family onscreen. She must pull through yet another complicated surgery. But again, happiness prevails. She wakes up hungry for more jello. All of these medical innovations are possible. The show doesn't want the audience to be cynical either. What is being depicted here is within the realm of possibility. It's the cutting-edge of the profession. Some stories are a bit more universal. Conrad and Nic are celebrating bringing a new life into this world. They do so at a time when Billie is confronted by her past and doesn't want to deal with it. That plays as the introduction of a story idea with the purpose of putting it off for further explanation at a later date. Nic presents herself as a loving and caring friend in the situation. Billie still makes her own decision. It's mostly removed from the joy that comes from Nic going into labor. That is the more important beat at the conclusion of the episode. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. This being a medical procedural though may not allow that to occur. Nic and Conrad will at least be surrounded by people overflowing with love towards them.