Thursday, May 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza and Charles Rehash Their Issues While Working Together with a Married Couple in 'Fallout'

Paramount+'s Younger - Episode 7.09 "Fallout"

Liza and Charles work closely together to land a married writing duo. After Redmond calls her out, Kelsey takes drastic measures to keep an author she nurtured at her literary salon. Kelsey's personal life gets complicated.

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"Fallout" was written by Alison Brown and directed by Peter Lauer

Liza and Charles grow closer only to pull away after remembering the sting of betrayal they felt consumed their former relationship. That is the pattern of this final season. It continually feels the passion and romance between them. It actively wants that to develop and grow. And yet, it also wants to constantly remind everyone that they broke up for a reason. They can't get over those circumstances so easily or so quickly. Now, the narrative may be amplifying Charles' rigid ways a bit more than in the past. Liza calls him out for needing things to be done his way. If they don't meet his standards, then he pulls out immediately. He doesn't want to waste time with anything that doesn't agree with his perspective of the world. It's a somewhat harsh criticism. It's a valid point as well. Liza was devastated that their relationship ended because she didn't want to get married. She didn't see that as a breaking point. It was for Charles though. He believes in marriage being the ultimate goal of a relationship. It's what he actively seeks out. He has been involved in another relationship as well this season. The show has revealed new sides to Quinn. She has come across as more of a well-rounded character. She may still have ulterior motives in getting so close to Charles. And yet, she also views this dynamic as being different than her past relationships. Sure, she also notes the patterns in her life that may doom this romance should she have to commit more fully to it. But she also shows a genuine curiosity in getting as much information as she can from Liza. Now, Liza isn't always willing to hand over that information. She doesn't want to help Quinn improve this relationship. She is learning from the mistakes Liza made in the hopes of actually ending up with Charles. Liza doesn't want to be a part of that conversation. She is though. Plus, she still works with Charles. They remain a solid team too. But again, they have different perspectives of what works in the publishing industry right now. Of course, Charles faces pressure from the board to be profitable. As such, he is more tentative with his purchases. He ultimately backs out of publishing this book between two best-selling authors who are married because they want to release it under a pen name. He needs to release big, broad books from known authors. He can't afford to take any risks right now. He needs their names all over this project. He doesn't want to believe the word of mouth will be enough to propel it to success. Meanwhile, Liza and Kelsey's side of the world is raptured by Dylan's novel. She is captivating the conversation. It's all being released for free. Liza and Kelsey see the benefit of this publicity. They view it as a success for Inkubator. They can't handle criticism of the process though. Redmond wants to know that Dylan is being paid for her work. She deserves that. Liza and Kelsey want to delay financial compensation until later. They didn't even think about it until now. They are taking a risk in this entire endeavor. Kelsey is willing to take those bold moves because she believes she has the confidence and awareness of how to make it work. She has that perspective because she was publisher of the company. She knows exactly how far to push things while still working for the overall company. But again, it's a risk. She is invigorated by the concept. She feels Empirical will be indebted to her for this innovation. That appreciation may not come though. People want to believe that the systems they have given their lives to will always support them. And yet, this isn't the first time that Charles has been told Liza gave him her whole heart and he didn't believe it. Kelsey has also made sacrifices in the hopes of a big reward from the company only for that to never pan out. All of this may be setting up for failure. The world is changing. Maggie's new art show hopes to spotlight that. She captures a moment in time. It hits deeply for Liza. She is also in a vulnerable place because of her fight with Charles. These relationships are complicated. They have only gotten more so in the final season. That may not leave much room for happy endings even though those seem likely and desirable. As such, the show should be careful in how it threads these stories to their upcoming conclusions. Those big decisions are happening now. The choices made will set them all on their final paths. They may bring them closer together. They may also push them apart with recognition that the time at Empirical was great but it may limit all that so many are capable of doing in this world as well. That crosses both personal and professional lines too.