Sunday, June 13, 2021

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Alice and Jacob Try to Save Kate While John Diggle Provides Luke With Guidance on Anger in 'Rebirth'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 2.16 "Rebirth"

When a familiar foe descends upon Gotham, Batwoman and Mary find they must rely on each other more than ever. Alice has a new mission - and gets an unexpected ally to join her.

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"Rebirth" was written by Daniel Thomsen and directed by Michael Allowitz

Alice doesn't have the words to unlock her sister's memory. She still feels compelled to save her. It doesn't matter that Kate gave up on her so many times in the past. Alice remains motivated to have her sister again. She has worked so hard to make this a reality. And now, it's playing out right in front of her. She is the person who manages to form a crack in her mind. It's certainly still traumatic. It also disrupts Roman's grand plans for the city as well as his desire to have his vicious daughter back. He blames the entire Kane family for what happened to Circe. That motivates his every action. He wants the city to vilify Jacob. He can't be seen as a hero who finally found clarity and opted to disband the Crows instead of trying to reform the toxic masculinity and white supremacy that defines everything about it. Jacob must be held accountable. He is to a certain extent as well. The city does eventually turn on him. That only comes from the revelation of his connection to Alice, who is still perceived as the greatest villain still on the loose. She hasn't been the one causing havoc on the streets in awhile. She can still function that way though. Jacob asks everyone to remember Beth's humanity. That was taken from her by several villainous minds. Her mind was warped. Her life was lost. She is only starting to find it again. And then, Ocean is killed. It's real this time too. This connection revealed that Alice had the ability to love. She could feel things deeply. That was true long before her memories were restored. They explored what this past connection actually meant. And then, they came back together despite the complications they each created for the other. Ocean did kill Enigma after all. She could have easily undone everything with Kate. That opportunity was taken from those who wish to save Kate. That mission is still important to Alice. She recruits all the people who have once hunted her down. Alice connects with her sister. But it's also up to Kate's loved ones to continue this exploration. A battle is currently playing out in her head between Kate and Circe. One is a complete fabrication. And yet, Circe is the one who wields power while Kate feels like a little girl trapped in her circumstances struggling to find her way out. Alice offered her love and hope. Sophie serves that same purpose. That moment highlights how the show still fundamentally believes in the grand romance that is possible between them. Right now though, Kate needs to find clarity in who she is. Her mind has been experimented on. It was Roman's cruel way of attacking Batwoman. He still plans to transform the city in other ways too. In fact, he is in control of the police force. No authority currently exists that can potentially reign him in. He is also aligned with Safiyah. She gave him details of Kate's flight. So, the villain actually had something to do with Kate's disappearance even though she didn't take her herself. Safiyah always knew the truth. She sees all that Roman has done in Gotham. She is also on a personal vendetta herself. Ryan can present a better offer in trading the last remaining Desert Rose for Alice's freedom. That decision is made easily because Kate's life is on the line. Ryan feels the need to honor the woman who created the mantle of Batwoman that has presented so many opportunities for her. She fights to save her friends and even the people she has never met. Of course, Luke is going through a tough time following his close call with death. Tavaroff still operates with the assumption that he will avoid any serious consequences for his crimes. Luke provokes him. It's an action that may result in more harm done to his body. And then, John Diggle steps in. This is a character from Arrow whose story was teased as only just beginning at the end of that series. This episode doesn't really devote any energy to what's happening in his life. He simply serves as a guide to Luke. He doesn't know the members of the Bat team. He simply knows the power and the anger that comes from someone stepping into their life and fighting for justice. He helps set Luke on a better path. It's just one where Kate remains under the influence of Roman and Safiyah instead of her loved ones who want what's best for her moving forward. Everyone may have their own selfish motivations. Kate's agency is also just as important. Right now, the world is confusing for her. Some offer clarity and support. Some only provide deception. She must step forward and decide what dramatically altered life she wants for her future. That choice should be hers. She may not be given that luxury thanks to the corruption of Gotham.