Sunday, June 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - The Team Desperately Hopes to Save Kate But Is Betrayed by Circe Once More in 'Kane, Kate'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 2.17 "Kane, Kate"

Batwoman struggles as Black Mask continues to raise the stakes with Circe as his henchwoman. Alice and Safiyah cross paths once again.

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"Kane, Kate" was written by Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux and directed by Carl Seaton

Kate Kane has been found. Kate Kane has been saved. At least, that's what everyone wants to believe. That has been the central mission statement of this season. Everyone was motivated by saving Kate. That may ultimately be an impossible goal. It brings unlikely people together. Mary shows her appreciation to Alice for bringing Kate back to her. She does so while also recognizing the pain that Alice is in. That moment also affords Mary the ability to say that she is better than Alice. Mary may be tasked with saving the souls of her sisters. She is desperate to have that family. It means so much to her. It can be blinding as well. Her eyes have always been open when it came to Alice. This villain killed her mother. That agonizing pain cannot be forgotten or ignored. But now, Alice is hurting as well. Ocean was killed. She chose to save Kate. And now, she may only be full of more rage because that action took away the love elsewhere in her life. The sacrifice may not even be worth it either. Of course, Alice doesn't have that clarity quite yet. She is busy mourning Ocean's death. She spreads his ashes in the ocean. She sees it as a fitting tribute. Then, Safiyah arrives with an offer. She proclaims herself as the only person who still cares about Alice. She is the only person who can provide her protection under the guise of family. It's a position she puts herself in by trying to manipulate Alice once more. They have both taken things the other has loved away from them. But now, Safiyah operates with an awareness of rebirth. She can build her kingdom once more. Everyone in Gotham is disposable in her overall mission. Alice cannot let that stand. She still has connections to this city even though it grows more corrupt every single day. She is no longer the villain terrorizing this place. The city has more than enough deranged individuals to step up to the plate. Batwoman's existence has always been necessary in that regard. The city needed a hero who would fight for the powerless. So much corruption exists in this place. And now, all of that darkness seems to have won. The Batwoman identity may be gone for good. Ryan always believed that she was just borrowing the title. It was always Kate's. The suit is hers. This was just a temporary job. And yet, she has embodied the role and made it her own. It's just as personal to her as it was for Kate. But now, Kate is back. She is certainly causing trouble. However, everyone on the team just wants to celebrate this happy news. They are blind to the deceit that is currently happening. The Circe identity is in complete control. What Safiyah told her was enough to cement this command. Kate is still fighting for a way to break out and regain her own identity. Right now though, Circe is in charge. Her loyalties lie with Roman's grand mission. He spreads his influence far and wide. Moreover, he doesn't see a difference between him and Batwoman. They are both masked individuals trying to spread their morals throughout this city. Ryan serves as a symbol of hope while Roman offers nothing but greed and corruption. His argument is still persuasive though. Many people fall under his spell - including the Gotham police department and many former Crows agents. And now, Circe has stolen deadly weapons from the Bat cave. She fooled Kate's friends. She deceived them and laughs in their faces about the emotional connection they have with a woman who is gone. Kate needs redemption. At the moment though, Circe stirs up the conflict that must be stopped. Gotham's fate rests in the Bat team. Ryan is without her suit though. The suit didn't make her a hero. She has power as herself. She has allies willing to help her fight for these ideals. Black Mask must be stopped. He has simply positioned himself as an all-powerful adversary. He has eluded capture because of the influence he wields throughout the city. He can track down Ryan and sentence her to death in jail. Her humanity shines brightly despite that threat to her life. She makes others see her as a hero and not the felon she once was. She has inspired the city. She now needs to fight for it more than ever before. The city is at a precipice. The Bat team still has tricks up its sleeves. They can never be counted out. Plus, Alice remains an intriguing wild card for all of this as well since she genuinely cares about saving Kate.