Monday, June 28, 2021

REVIEW: 'Bosch' - Bosch and Edgar Make a Key Arrest Who Doesn't Provide as Much Information as They Want in 'Sabes Demasiado'

Amazon's Bosch - Episode 7.03 "Sabes Demasiado"

Bosch and Edgar track down La Mayorista, but Bosch asks Vega to assist after Edgar makes a costly error. Chandler and Maddie record Franzen's statement for the SEC before Chandler stashes him away in a safehouse. Irving and Lopez discuss the arson case, each concealing their true agendas.

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"Sabes Demasiado" was written by Jeffrey Fiskin and directed by Alex Zakrzewski

Mysteries unravel much further than anyone initially expects. That is the go-to plot device of this series. An inciting event happens in the premiere. A couple episodes later, a shocking reveal occurs that shows how everything is much more complicated than it originally seemed. At first, the fire that resulted in the deaths of several people was explained as the latest fight between the local gangs and the management company. The tenants were afraid to speak to the police because doing so could endanger their lives in multiple ways. One man spoke the truth. He only pointed Bosch and Edgar towards a name: La Mayorista. She was billed as the woman running the show. She was the new player in the drug wars. She was building up territory and doing so in a unique way. She positioned herself as someone who could game the system without anyone being suspicious. She was already on the radar of the police though. Meanwhile, enough convenient plot mistakes ensure that her story is never shared fully with the detectives investigating who ordered this vicious attack. It all essentially boils down to Edgar still not being in the proper headspace to do this job effectively. That is abundantly clear to his colleagues. But now, it also forces Bosch to lash out at his partner in front of the entire precinct. It's embarrassing. Edgar believes it was unnecessary. The partners should have enough trust to bring up all these issues in private. Bosch was angry though. Edgar continues to make mistakes. He is distracted when the cops are searching La Mayorista's apartment. That allows her to get a mysterious message out to the world. Her lawyer shows up at the station before any meaningful clues are given to the cops. It's frustrating for Bosch. Of course, everyone is entitled to their representation when faced with serious crimes. It's still enough for La Mayorista to spend time in jail. In that environment, she is immediately targeted. It's all perceived as happening because she knows too much. As such, people are out there trying to silence what she could share. That means she may not be as powerful as she initially came across. She served a specific role in the development of this plot. And now, her death allows more complications to enter the proceedings. Mayor Lopez is using this case and the image of Sonia Hernandez to prove herself as a leader of this city. She believes the case is taking too long to be solved. That's a direct reflection of Irving's leadership. As such, that can be used as the justification to remove him as chief of police. He is fighting to ensure that doesn't happen. But he still can't get a handle on navigating this new political landscape. He is doing things his way. He has the freedom to do so because he is trusted within the ranks. Protocols exist for a reason. It's necessary for Edgar to spend time in therapy. However, that is entirely conditional on him being honest with the person accessing him. It's easy for him to lie. He portrays himself as doing well. That's not true in the slightest. Every aspect of his life is frustrating. He alienates his loved ones. It's a nice inverse of what his dynamic with Bosch has been in the past. Edgar has questioned Bosch actions before. And now, Bosch wants to trust his partner. He needs Edgar to have his head on straight. That isn't guaranteed though. It comes at a time when the entire Hollywood division is in turmoil. Pierce and Vega are vying for a slot as homicide detectives in the new merged station. Meanwhile, Billets is more concerned with the vandalism of her car and the hate crime inflicted on her. More importantly though, she serves as the person in the command structure the other officers are comfortable going to with their problems. She does things her own way as well. It too has produced meaningful results. She knows how to lead in this position. Captain Cooper continually has it out for her though. So much of that conflict is simply suggested. It could become contentious and hostile at some point. Right now, Billets is attacked for not wanting to address these issues personally with the other leaders of the department. She wants to remove the personal stakes. She doesn't want to cover up for the boys club. She is still punished for doing so. That too increases the frustrations. It's the reality of this environment. She finds a way to thrive and make a difference. That influence is felt. The dysfunction is present too though because of ingrained biases within the system that reward certain behavior no matter what.