Monday, June 28, 2021

REVIEW: 'Bosch' - A Double Homicide Places Chandler and Maddie's Work and Lives in Immediate Jeopardy in 'Triple Play'

Amazon's Bosch - Episode 7.04 "Triple Play"

Bosch is pulled away from the arson case to a double homicide in the Hollywood Hills and finds RHD Detective Jimmy Robertson on the scene. When the harassment of Lt. Billets escalates, Captain Cooper and Lt. Thorne are angry that she reported it to IA instead of talking to them. Maddie makes a shocking discovery. Bosch and Edgar try to get Alvarez to talk.

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"Triple Play" was written by Lolis Eric Elie and directed by Patrick Cady

Bosch and Edgar are waiting for Alvarez to crack. They need him to confess to being the man who threw the fire bomb and reveal who ordered the hit on the apartment building. The pressure is amplifying because La Mayorista was killed in jail for the sheer perception of cooperating with the police. While the detectives wait though, another serious crime happens. It pulls the many disparate threads of the narrative closely together as well. Honey Chandler is shot. Her client, Vincent Franzen, and his mistress are killed. Maddie's life could be in danger as well due to what she knows about the deal Franzen was trying to make. It's a major story that immediately hits the news. Chandler isn't dead. She is clinging to life. And yet, this action feels positioned as a way to dramatically shake up the stakes of the narrative for the final season. Of course, the audience should be aware that Mimi Rogers is already attached to star in the spinoff series. As such, it's likely that Chandler will recover from this traumatic event. The mystery and uncertainty comes from who pulled the trigger. This story has been particularly cryptic with what Franzen knows. He believes he has the evidence to make a sweet deal to ensure he spends no time in jail whatsoever. Chandler backed him up in that play too. She represented his interests. She fought for this incredible deal. A video was made detailing his story. Chandler wanted this as evidence ahead of their meeting with the SEC. And then, they are targeted. It suggests that someone really doesn't want to be exposed for these white collar crimes. They are willing to kill to remain free. But again, it's wrapped in personal stakes because Maddie is involved. She finds Chandler after she has been shot. Her father warns her not to go into the house. She does so anyway. The audience saw the killer strike. It was unsettling and unexpected. Chandler had to be silenced because of the information she knew before this meeting. She knew too much simply because she was Franzen's attorney. Maddie knows the extent of this deal as well. She knows the big fish Franzen was turning against. Bosch will do anything to protect his daughter. He wants everyone to assure him that it will never be known that she was in the room when this recording was made. That information may already be out there though. For those watching the tape, it's clear that Chandler directs some comments towards Maddie before the recording cuts off. Moreover, the killer saw Maddie deliver the evidence to Franzen in the safe house Chandler stashed him in. As such, it's concerning when Maddie is dropped off all alone at her house. She believes she will be safe. Her dad won't let anything bad happen to her. And yet, she has to carefully manage what she can tell the people in her life. She has to be cryptic with Antonio about the details of this case. She has to protect Franzen's interests as he was a client at the firm she works for. It's all complicated. So much of the responsibility falls onto her. The police may treat her easily because she is Bosch's daughter. It brings Jimmy and Bennett back into the proceedings. This case also has the potential to dramatically impact the city. This comes at a time when Irving is already collecting evidence against Mayor Lopez that he can hopefully use to keep his job. Meanwhile, Billets continues to face harassment at work. A photoshopped picture of her is being sent amongst the uniformed officers. She presents these incidents to internal affairs. She doesn't go to Captain Cooper and Lieutenant Thorne to handle these problems. They see that as a slap in the face to their leadership. They don't see her as a team player. She knows better though. She knows that these guys can't be trusted to handle this investigation. She knows how to work the system and collect as much information as she can. She creates a public record in the hopes an outside influence can apply the appropriate pressure. It's a tactic the detectives use in their work as well. Alvarez is ready to talk to Bosch and Edgar once they flex their ability to slow walk his request for protected custody. People are desperately trying to hold onto their power as the police are closing in. The system can work from time to time. Corruption is rampant as well. It takes a forceful touch to address these issues. The officers are trusted with so much responsibility. The city mourns over a collective tragedy. Bosch and Maddie hope for Chandler's recovery. The stakes are escalating as the series nears its conclusion though.