Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Development News - Anna Akana, Alex Brightman and Rory O'Malley to Co-Star on 'Hungry'; Ana Villafañe Joins 'Night Court'

Development News - June 8, 2021

NBC's Hungry and Night Court.

  • Anna Akana, Alex Brightman, Ashley D. Kelley, Jay Klaitz and Rory O'Malley have been cast as series regulars in the comedy pilot starring Demi Lovato. Akana has previously recurred on Comedy Central's Corporate, ABC's A Million Little Thing and Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. Brightman received Tony Award nominations for his lead performances in the musicals School of Rock and Beetlejuice. Kelley has recurred on Netflix's Insatiable. Klaitz has recurred on Netflix's Jessica Jones and CBS' FBI. O'Malley was nominated for a Tony Award for the musical The Book of Mormon.
  • Akana will play Wednesday, who looks exactly like what she is - a trophy wife. Sustaining that takes a lot of self-control, but she's so in control that it's actually out of control, and it's driving her and her husband crazy.
  • Brightman will play Cooper, who is so sweet, wry and self-deprecating that people are surprised when he tells them he's a cop. He works for the LAPD's Jumper Squad and spends his days talking people off ledges and bridges, often by offering pizza. He joined the group to lose weight for his wedding, but that gets complicated when he meets Teddy and is instantly smitten.
  • Kelley will play Nicole, a divorce lawyer who is not fazed by anything - except a weight clause in a prenup, which gets her mad. She's body positive but knows she'd feel better and live longer if she had some better habits.
  • Klaitz will play Danny, a big guy with big appetites. Between food, drugs, alcohol and strip clubs, he lives in the moment and doesn't worry about the future. He works in the family funeral home he grew up in, but it's not sad or weird to him. It just reminds him that life is short - live it to the fullest.
  • O'Malley will play Linus, who is witty, smart and speaks in a way that suggests a lot of time watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Tired of getting his heart broken, he's determined to lose weight and be the heartbreaker.
  • Ana Villafañe has joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring Melissa Rauch and John Larroquette. She originated the role of Gloria Estefan in the musical On Your Feet! on Broadway. She has also recurred on NBC's New Amsterdam and Paramount+'s Younger.
  • She will play Monica, the court's assistant district attorney. Type A, superficial and tightly wound, she sees the night court as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. She's above this place and all the people in it, but it's a good way to get some courtroom experience under her belt. It's all part of her plan to land a job at one of the big firms. Thirty will be here before she knows it and if she's not wildly successful by then... well it's best not to think about it.