Sunday, June 13, 2021

REVIEW: 'In Treatment' - Eladio Shuts Down After Brooke Shares Doubts Over His Previous Diagnosis in 'Eladio - Week 4'

HBO's In Treatment - Episode 4.13 "Eladio - Week 4"

Brooke tempers mixed reactions from Eladio after sharing an unexpected analysis. While her patient processes the news, Brooke and Adam discuss their future.

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"Eladio - Week 4" was written by Chris Gabo and directed by Janicza Bravo

Eladio questions Brooke's motives during their sessions. Part of that is an extension of the show itself needing to create tension by being blunt about what is going on under the surface with these two. The audience has the clarity that Brooke is looking for the son she gave up for adoption. He would be the same age as El. And so, she projects a lot of her wishes onto him. She cares much more deeply for him as a result. That also means some boundaries are crossed where it seems like she is no longer acting solely as a therapist. That is more apparent with El's stories than Colin's or Laila's. Those two patients have their own distinct dynamics with Brooke. Rita does as well. With El, he questions what Brooke is trying to do. He sees her as wanting to be more than his therapist. She always quickly responds in saying he's her patient and she is trying to do what's best for him. And yet, he perceives all of this as being an attack on the life he currently has. She wants to destroy what currently defines everything for him. That's terrifying. She cares about him. She wants him to thrive. She doesn't see him doing so in the DeMarco house. But she also witnesses his profound sense of love. He is so caring. He always serves as a grand extension of empathy. That's how he fundamentally operates. That can be alienating to people though. He may care too much. He may project greater feelings onto a situation than they realistically deserve. Brooke wants him to take stock of his own life. She wants to ensure that he leads with dignity as well. His needs should be a priority too. But Brooke also throws his life into turmoil with the suggestion that he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. That is a huge declaration. And yes, Brooke can detail how she has come to that determination. El isn't exactly ready to hear it. He only sees more dysfunction coming into his life. Brooke has been trying to get him to say bad things about the DeMarco's. He sees her as just another person who doesn't understand the love he has with Jeremy. She is loving and nurturing one moment. Then, she is cold and dismissive the next. He needs consistency in his life. That provides comfort to him. His past diagnosis served that purpose. He understood what was going on in his mind. Sure, he didn't relate entirely with how other people with the disorder explain their experience. However, he trusted the doctor who gave him this diagnosis. That came out of trust. And now, Brooke is telling him something completely different. Moreover, she states that him getting the medication he needs will take even more time even though he is about to run out. She comforted him in the past by detailing a plan to avoid that uncertainty. And now, he feels betrayed by her. He disconnects. She reaches out over and over again throughout the day. She may actually disengage with her other patients as well. The story gets to focus more time on her relationship with Adam. That dynamic has mostly served as a red herring for Rita. His introduction was used to suggest concern about Brooke relapsing. She had already made that decision though. That means Adam has just been the sexy guy Brooke is dating. They have a history. It's not too deep though. It's startling when he is still in the house when she begins her sessions for the day. He sees how El turning away has an effect on her. His response is to start a family. He doesn't know how to give Brooke what she needs and wants. He too envisions this perfect family. It's a grand idea. It may not be real. Brooke can't really engage with the conversation either. She commits herself fully to El's care. She is worried about him. She wants to explain herself and address his concerns. This is an ongoing process. She isn't trying to implode his life. She wants to uplift his power. She sees that clearly. She is proud of it. She wants him to be as well. It doesn't have to be a burden. He can be free if he accepts all the wonderful things he feels in this world. He shouldn't have to pass that along to people who can't reciprocate it. But again, that also presents itself in relationships that are always evolving and turning into something else entirely. Brooke can offer some clarity. She can provide support for her patient. She is still a mess as well. Her personal life is creeping more and more into her sessions. That's concerning even though El feels liberated to a certain extent at the end of all of this as well. Moving forward from this has to be handled delicately. Brooke has the capacity to offer that. The issues she faces in her life though have the potential to also warp her worldview. That's why people should proceed with caution. Brooke wants El to celebrate though. He does just that too even though it creates an ominous visual of him submerging himself completely while also naked in the pool.