Tuesday, June 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Clark, Lois and Lana Risk It All to Protect Their Families From Edge in 'O Mother, Where Art Thou?'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 1.10 "O Mother, Where Art Thou?"

Lana reaches out to Lois and Clark when Kyle starts behaving strangely. Jonathan opens up to Jordan. Sarah storms out after accusing her mom of always covering for her dad.

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"O Mother, Where Art Thou?" was written by Adam Mallinger and directed by Harry Jierjian

Family bonds people together. Lois knows that Clark could never betray humanity because family is the most important thing for him. He was loved and protected as a child. That was a luxury that didn't befall his brother from Krypton. Morgan Edge is revealed to be Tal-Ro, Clark's half-brother. He landed on Earth and was experimented on by the British government. He was treated as an alien threat. He wasn't shown love and compassion. And so, he now hopes to eradicate the human race and allow Krypton to rise once more. He has the resources to accomplish that goal. He has the science to implant a Kryptonian into a human. Clark's mother, Lara, developed this technology. She didn't do so for the purpose of resurrecting her people to conquer a new planet. She did it to ensure that their culture was never lost despite the planet's implosion. It's all she could do to save her people. She gave Clark the opportunity for a better life. And now, they are miraculously given the opportunity to see each other again. This reunion is teased by Tal-Ro as the one thing that should matter the most to Clark. As such, he should betray humanity just in order to engage with this moment. He must be loyal to his own people. He can't betray them for an inferior species. Of course, Clark doesn't see humanity as a lost cause. He is a god amongst man. He has earned their trust though. He is a symbol for so much more than brute strength as well. He has these miraculous and superhuman abilities. He is also a husband and father trying to do what's right to protect his family. Their lives have been in turmoil ever since they moved to Smallville. Everyone is just now realizing the scope of the threat too. Lois always knew Morgan Edge was up to no good. He wasn't the only threat who terrorized her family. John Henry did so as well in the name of preventing an inevitable disaster at the hands of Kryptonians. He projected those assumptions until Superman. The man behind the symbol ensures that fate isn't destined for this Earth. These double identities have been common throughout this series so far. It offers big dramatic reveals with John Henry Irons and Tal-Ro. It's also just as personal seeing new complexities amongst the people in Smallville. They have been struggling in their lives as well. That made Edge's offer seem invaluable. In reality, he was stripping them of their identities. Sarah no longer recognizes the monster her father has become. She has always been frustrated with him because his drinking was often a distraction to whatever she was doing. He wasn't good for the family. Lana continually chooses to stay. Sarah does so now as well because she comes to a new understanding. The town is seeing the extent of the threat. So many lives have been changed as a result of Tal-Ro's mad plan. He wants to recruit his brother to the cause. They can finally be a family. They can reunite with their mother. This isn't what Lara wants though. She is more than willing to assist Superman in saving the human race from such a widespread assault. That requires sacrifice on Lana's part. She too has her body snatched. She makes that choice completely aware of the situation and the risk involved. It may never reverse itself. Clark may have to use all his powers in order to preserve humanity in the bodies that have already been taken. But again, these sacrifices are necessarily. People make these choices for their families. They have to do what's right in order to preserve the future for their children. They can't cower in fear. They can't back down from this fight. It isn't over yet though. Tal-Ro and Leslie Larr are still out there. Their plotting continues. It's disrupted for now. That shakes up the narrative that was seemingly destined to play out on this Earth. That means the story gets to diverge and assert its independence even more. Everything that happens here is still rewarded. It's deeply rooted in the agency of protecting these families. Their lives must be preserved. Clark is a hero. Lois and Lana are as well. All of that must be recognized. Not everyone needs powers in order to be a hero. That may be convenient for some. It's mind-warping for others though. That responsibility must be trusted and respected. Preserving those ideals must be valued above all else too. It just comes at a time when such small town life is under constant assault from those wishing to take advantage and enforce their rule on unsuspecting people no matter what.