Thursday, July 8, 2021

Casting News - Kiefer Sutherland to Play Franklin D. Roosevelt in Showtime's 'The First Lady'; Plus 9 More Updates!

Casting News - July 8, 2021

AMC's Moonhaven; CBS' FBI: International & NCIS: Hawaii; HBO Max's Search Party; Hulu's Woke; Netflix's Painkiller & The Witcher: Blood Origin; OWN's The Kings of Napa; Paramount+'s The Offer; and Showtime's The First Lady.

  • Kiefer Sutherland has joined the cast of the upcoming anthology drama starring Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson. He previously starred for nine seasons in FOX's 24 and three seasons in ABC/Netflix's Designated Survivor.
  • He will play Franklin Delano Roosevelt. the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945, and the only U.S. president to serve for more than two terms. He married his fifth cousin Eleanor Roosevelt (Anderson) in 1905, and together the couple became the central figures in world events during the first half of the 20th century, eventually building the New Deal Coalition that defined modern liberalism in the United States. In 1921, Roosevelt contracted polio, and his legs became permanently paralyzed. Unstoppable even after that, FDR is revered as one of the nation's greatest presidents.
  • Jeff Goldblum is set for a recurring role on the comedy's upcoming fifth season. He is best known for starring in the Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Thor film franchises. He currently hosts Disney+'s The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which has been renewed for a second season.
  • He will play Tunnel Quinn, a charismatic tech billionaire who enters a very public business partnership with Dory (Alia Shawkat) on the other side of her near death experience. Dory folds her old friends Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliott (John Early) and Drew (John Reynolds) into the venture as they embark on an altruistic but terrifying journey.
  • Ashlee Brian and Devika Parikh have been cast as series regulars on the upcoming drama starring Ebonee Noel. Curtis Hamilton, Heather Alicia Simms, Samantha Walkes and Isiah Whitlock Jr. have landed recurring roles. Brian has previously guest starred on CBS' S.W.A.T. and Netflix's Family Reunion. Parikh has recurred on NBC's The West Wing and ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Hamilton starred in the Lifetime film Surviving Compton. Simms recurred on Netflix's Luke Cage. Walkes will appear in the upcoming film Orphan: First Kill. Whitlock recently starred in the Showtime limited series Your Honor.
  • Brian will play Christian King, August's (Noel) younger brother with swag who manages the winery's bottling facility but knows little about growing grapes. His real passion is trying to get his bourbon business off the ground. When the family suddenly needs his help with the vineyard, Christian is thrown into the deep end and may not be able to survive.
  • Parikh will play Melanie Pierce, August's aunt. She is a perennial fibber with a penchant for exaggeration who is usually off to some remote locale to help save the world as a nurse for Doctors Without Borders. Now back in the states, she returns with a firestorm that threatens to change the King family forever.
  • Hamilton will play Kelvin Johnson, August's boyfriend from high school who now works as a lawyer representing Melanie. When Kelvin and August reconnect over business, it's clear that their chemistry is undeniably electrifying, even if he is married.
  • Simms will play Yvette King, Reginald's self-possessed, flamboyant and imposing sister who owns a wig business. Knowing her to be a savvy businesswoman, Yvette's brother names her VP of sales at the winery.
  • Walkes will play Rose King, Dana's (Rance Nix) British, regal, strikingly stylish and supportive wife.
  • Whilock will play Reginald King, Vanessa's (Karen LeBlanc) husband. Though Vanessa and Reginald seem to have had the picture-perfect marriage, she is stunned to discover things about his past that now leave her hurt, angry and betrayed.
  • Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed and Vinessa Vidotto will star in the upcoming FBI spinoff from Dick Wolf. Kleintank previously starred for three seasons in Amazon's The Man in the High Castle. Reed starred for four seasons in BBC One's Poldark. Vidotto has recurred on Netflix's Lucifer.
  • Kleintank will play the Head of the International FBI Fly Team unit.
  • Reed will play the second-in-command.
  • Vidotto will play a green but eager and ambitious member of the team.
  • Sophia Brown will play the female lead in the upcoming The Witcher prequel starring Laurence O'Fuarain and Michelle Yeoh. She replaces Jodie Turner-Smith, who was originally cast but left due to scheduling conflicts. Brown previously starred in the second season of ITV's Marcella and in BBC Two's one-season drama Giri/Haji.
  • She will play √Čile, an elite warrior blessed with the voice of a goddess, who leaves her clan and position as Queen's guardian to follow her heart as a nomadic musician. A grand reckoning on the Continent forces her to return to the way of the blade in her quest for vengeance and redemption.
  • Alex Tarrant and Enver Gjokaj have booked key roles on the upcoming drama starring Vanessa Lachey. Tarrant previously starred for three seasons in the New Zealand series 800 Words. Gjokaj starred for two seasons in FOX's Dollhouse and two seasons in ABC's Agent Carter.
  • Tarrant will play Kai, a charming local and new addition to Jane Tennant's (Lachey) team who boasts the special ability to blend into the island while investigating high-stakes criemes. He recently returned home to care for his ailing father and to reconcile with his complicated past. A far cry from his carefree years catching waves and serenading a wahine with his 'uke, but that's all in a day's work for an agent of his caliber.
  • Gjokaj will recur as Joe Milius, a high-ranking Navy Captain and commander of Pacific Fleet who is protecting the honor of a dead officer who was piloting a top-secret experimental aircraft that crashed into a cliff. He maintains the collision was an accident, clashing with Tennant as she takes control of the investigation though he can't help but respect her ability as a leader.
  • Uzo Aduba, Matthew Broderick, West Duchovny, Dina Shihabi and John Rothman have been cast in the lead roles on the upcoming limited series created by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster. Aduba starred for seven seasons in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, in the FX on Hulu limited series Mrs. America and in the fourth season of HBO's In Treatment. Broderick is a two-time Tony Award winner for Brighton Beach Memoirs and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Duchovny has recurred on Syfy's The Magicians. Shihabi starred in the first season of Amazon's Jack Ryan and the second season of Netflix's Altered Carbon. Rothman starred for two seasons in Amazon's One Mississippi.
  • Aduba will play Edie, an investigator leading the case against Purdue Pharma.
  • Broderick will play Richard Sackler, scion of the billionaire Sackler family and senior executive at Purdue Pharma.
  • Duchovny will play Shannon, a new recruit to the Purdue sales team.
  • Shihabi will play Britt, a veteran sales rep for Purdue.
  • Rothman will play Mortimer Sackler, co-owner of Purdue Pharma.
  • Dominic Monaghan will play the male lead on the upcoming drama created by Peter Ocko. He is best known for starring in the Lord of the Rings film franchise and for three seasons in ABC's Lost. He recently starred in the 2019 film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  • He will play Paul Serno, a detective on the moon in a utopian community tasked with solving the problems of Earth.
  • Justin Chambers, Burn Gorman, Patrick Gallo, Josh Zuckerman, Meredith Garretson, Nora Arnezeder, Paul McCrane, Anthony Skordi, Jake Cannavale, James Madio, Michael Rispoli, Stephanie Koenig, Lou Ferrigno, Frank John Hughes and Danny Nucci have joined the cast of the upcoming limited series starring Miles Teller and Matthew Goode.
  • Chambers (Grey's Anatomy) will play Marlon Brando, the Oscar-winning actor who played Vito Corleone in the 1972 film The Godfather.
  • Gorman (The Expanse) will play Charles Bluhdorn, the volatile head of Gulf & Western.
  • Gallo (The Irishman) will play Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather and Oscar-winning co-writer of the films.
  • Zuckerman (Austin Powers in Goldmember) will play Peter Bart, veteran Hollywood executive and journalist who bought Puzo's book and hired Francis Ford Coppola (Dan Fogler) to direct the film
  • Garretson (Resident Alien) will play Ali MacGraw, an actress at the beginning of her career.
  • Arnezeder (Safe House) will play Francoise Glazer, owner of the Chateau Marmont and Al Ruddy's (Teller) wife.
  • McCrane (ER, All Rise) will play Jack Ballard, head of physical production for Paramount Pictures.
  • Skordi (Catch-22) will play Carlo Gambino, the infamous mafioso and head of the five crime families.
  • Cannavale (The Mandalorian) will play Caesar, a loyal Colombo family soldier.
  • Madio (Jersey Boys) will play Gino, a solider in the Colombo crime family.
  • Rispoli (The Deuce) will play Tommy Lucchese, head of one of the five mafia crime families.
  • Koenig (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) will play Andrea Eastman, head of casting for Paramount Pictures.
  • Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) will play Lenny Montana, the former wrestler and mob enforcer who played Luca Brasi in The Godfather.
  • Hughes (Catch Me If You Can) will play the iconic singer Frank Sinatra.
  • Nucci (The Fosters) will play Congressman Mario Biaggi, an influential politician with his sights set on The Godfather.
  • Marquita Goings and Miguel Pinzon have landed recurring roles on the comedy's upcoming second season. Goings has previously guest starred on The CW's Dynasty, BET's American Soul and BET+'s Bruh. Pinzon has guest starred on Freeform's Young & Hungry and FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star.
  • Goings will play Hype, a friend of Ayana (Sasheer Zamata) and new love interest for Clovis (T. Murph). She knows what she wants and is confident in her views, but is open to new experiences and points of view.
  • Pinzon will play Tommy, a blunt and inscrutable un-housed artist with a sharp wit who challenges Keef (Lamorne Morris) and his view of activism.