Sunday, July 18, 2021

REVIEW: 'Never Have I Ever' - Devi Apologizes for Her Anger While Kamala Takes Inspiration From It in '...begged for forgiveness'

Netflix's Never Have I Ever - Episode 2.07 "...begged for forgiveness"

Devi must learn the art of a genuine apology before it's too late. Kamala considers standing up for herself. Nalini takes some parenting advice.

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"...begged for forgiveness" was written by Dave King and directed by Lena Khan

Devi doesn't know how to apologize. She idolizes her father though. And so, she hopes his advice of an apology needing to be bigger than the harmful action will help her fix things with Aneesa. Of course, she misunderstands what that sentiment actually means. The episode eventually gets to a place where Devi and Aneesa are friends again. However, it can still be debated whether or not Devi actually improves her behavior. It's easy to see the change within Nalini. She decides to parent in a different way than she typically does. She listens to Dr. Jackson's advice. Sure, that relationship also has its own sexual components running through it. But it does help Nalini and Devi work in tandem for once instead of constantly butting heads. Nalini feels she is a disappointment because her daughter is continually acting out at school. She feels terrible that Aneesa was bullied to the point that her mother wants her to transfer yet again. That's not healthy for her ongoing development. Nalini helps Devi and Aneesa. That's what the moment requires. Devi didn't ask for permission. She just set this meeting between the mothers. Nalini just happened to be in a place where she was willing to extend that help in the hopes of easing Devi's pain. She wants to help her child. That action is simply entangled with the ongoing romantic intrigue with Dr. Jackson. In that regard, that was an expected twist even though Poorna Jagannathan and Common don't really have any chemistry whatsoever. It may offer nothing more than the idea that Nalini is starting to move on with her life without Mohan. She still struggles. She is willing to explore this new connection as well. She makes that choice. Devi also chooses to apologize to Aneesa. Her motives aren't completely pure though. She believes she should do this in order to keep Aneesa at school which will then redeem herself in Ben's eyes. Ben cares about what happens to Aneesa. He cares mostly because he wants to ask her out. That too infers that everyone has selfish motives in all of this. Some are more extreme than others. Some are more apparent as well. Devi talks about them in her session with Dr. Ryan. Her therapist feels that she has once again failed her patient. Every week no progress seems to be made. Devi continues to make the same reckless decisions she always has. She is constantly distracted by the boys she likes. She believes winning Ben back is what she wants more than anything else. Dr. Ryan wants her to prioritize peace and clarity as well. That should be what she strives for in this apology. Going big is a huge mistake though. Fabiola and Eleanor encourage that impulse. They see the drama and are essentially seduced by the idea. It only reminds the school of the central betrayal though. That puts the focus back on Aneesa that seemingly makes things even worse once more. That's not what she deserves. It's not what Devi thought would happen. She must grapple with that reality though. In a rare moment of peace, she does realize what Mohan actually meant in his lesson. Devi does grab ahold of that and makes things right with Aneesa. The show also wishes to express that Devi's anger can be healthy sometimes as well. It's what Kamala needs to showcase in order to get the recognition she deserves at the lab. She has become friends with some of her colleagues. Others, she simply has to appease. That still isn't enough for them to respect her. Her achievements are notable. She should demand that recognition of her hard work. She shouldn't have to keep herself small in the hopes that it will lead to better opportunities in the future. That's the advice that Prashant gives her though. That would seemingly suggest that this relationship may not work out. Kamala needs inspiration from Devi to know how to advocate for herself. Plus, Mr. K flirts with her as well. That's a clearly orchestrated moment to suggest something more could happen there too. It proves that Kamala will always have options pertaining to her romantic status. Her work is important though. All of this must be respected. These characters have to be true to themselves while also owning up to their shortcomings. That may always create conflict because of the big personalities involved. That may grow tiring. And yet, the apology that happens here is earned even though some other story developments are more formulaic.