Tuesday, July 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Clark Fears the Damage He Could Inflict on Humanity Thanks to Devious Temptations in 'Fail Safe'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 1.13 "Fail Safe"

Superman pays a visit to Morgan Edge. Meanwhile, Lois and Chrissy work together on a story. Lastly, Jonathan finds a welcome distraction during a very stressful school day.

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"Fail Safe" was written by Jai Jamison & Kristi Korzec and directed by Ian Samoil

Lois and Lana believe that everything will be fine. They are still angry. They have the willingness and ability to express that vitriol as well. They find themselves having to navigate some fragile male egos. Their loved ones and neighbors operate either from a place of needing to control a narrative that doesn't make sense or are terrified by what might happen in the future. That soothing quality is needed on their part. It's a burden for them because so many people are failing to deliver on their promises. They believe in the richness of the community in Smallville. Things won't be like they are for long. And yet, people are scared. They don't know what happened. Edge took over the town and stole people's identities. He did so for his own nefarious purposes. That overarching narrative continues to grow as well. His master plan isn't done just yet. People are still dealing with the repercussions of the damage he brought to this small town. Clark and Lois hoped they would find a simpler life in this place. This could be a community for their boys to blossom and grow. Instead, it has only challenged all of them in unique and perilous ways. Lois has blurred the lines of journalistic integrity when covering stories before. But she is withholding the truth from Chrissy, who knows just how desperate this town is for answers. Lois has that clarity. She operates freely with it. She is still angry and upset. However, she has a place to channel that rage. That isn't afforded to everyone. It's a luxury. Meanwhile, Clark can't trust his heart when it comes to always remaining in control of his body. He saw the temptation. It was right there for him to grasp when Zod took over. Clark won control. However, he sees just how vicious a threat he could be to the human race if he should ever turn. He could lash out and countless lives would be lost. He always has to keep himself measured. He was trained well by his father. He fights in service and protection of humanity. That's a worthy cause for him. He also sees the benefit of the planet having a fail safe for confronting him should he ever embrace that dark side. The family was furious with Sam previously upon learning he developed these weapons armed with Kryptonite. He trusts Clark and the family now. He too sees what's in Clark's heart. He could never betray humanity. Superman is a hero. The public can always count on him. And yet, Clark is having that identity crisis himself. He fears what could happen. He imagines the worst case scenario. Lois doesn't believe that could ever happen. She trusts him completely. It's silly for him to operate with this fear. But a new power is unleashed in Tal-Rho as well. His father taught him how to endure pain. That was the lesson passed along in his fortress in the desert. It wasn't about reaching out with empathy and understanding the connection amongst all species. Instead, it was a narrative driven by needing to exploit and manipulate. Tal served a pivotal role in the development of this story. He also embarked on his own path. He saw a shared experience with Clark. They could bond in that way. They approach things differently. That comes from their upbringing. The conflicts that tore Krypton apart made their way to Earth as well. It destroyed John Henry's world. People hope that the pattern will be broken this time. But Tal surrenders himself completely to his father's wishes. He transfers himself into a powerful entity that can withstand the effects of Kryptonite and flies off to the sun to recharge to inflict more damage. The threat to Earth and its people isn't done just yet. Clark believed this saga with his half-brother was over. Everyone in Smallville could blame Morgan Edge for the invasion of their lives. The Defense Department no longer has him in custody. They no longer control the situation. Lois and Chrissy are hoping to offer some reassurance to the town. Lana believes that this community will always offer her family their support. Everything is changing. That is scary. The central families still have these close bonds that keep them together. That keeps them fighting to maintain this ideal world. The threats are provide and unknown though. That makes everything even more precarious and dangerous because it can't be controlled no matter how much that would offer peace to the world at large.