Thursday, August 12, 2021

REVIEW: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - Jake and Terry Scheme to Help Holt and Kevin's Marriage in 'The Lake House'

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 8.02 "The Lake House"

The squad takes up Holt on an offer for a weekend getaway.

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"The Lake House" was written by Neil Campbell & Marcy Jarreau and directed by Kevin Bray

Holt and Kevin's separation was a significant development from the premiere. On the one hand, it's fortunate that resolution comes from that specific plot point rather quickly. On the other hand though, it's brevity may actually undercut its effectiveness. Of course, all of their issues aren't dealt with here. This episode is all about bringing them back together as they acknowledge they still love each other. Jake and Terry ultimately accomplish that. It comes with the decision to enter counseling as a couple. That is a major step as well. It's still strange to see the entire precinct aware of Holt's personal life when he was so uncomfortable talking about it with Amy in the premiere. It plays as a lot happening offscreen between the episodes. That can still work. It never takes away from the merits of this episode and its story. It's easier to just place the entire squad at the bar plotting ways to bring the two back together. It doesn't have to go through the heavy lifting of explaining the situation to everyone present. It was always going to hit Jake the hardest. He isn't the only one who treats Holt and Kevin as his surrogate fathers. He certainly has a stronger conviction to that metaphor within this chosen family at the precinct. Families change and evolve over time. This family has expanded. It has contracted too. Rosa no longer works at the Nine-Nine. She is still part of this family. She still attends the events and cares about the emotional well-being of these people. Sure, she is terrified when she realizes she has agreed to go on a road trip with Scully and Hitchcock while she was high. That is the strongest example of these gummies not being all that beneficial to her well-being. She makes that mistake. She cries out about the dangers of drugs. That's it. That's all that that particular story turns out to be. At this point in the show's life, the C-plots are incredibly thin. That's to be expected now. It's still amusing to see Rosa and Scully bond. It's from a connection to snacks while Rosa is in an altered state. They chose to be absent from the drama happening elsewhere at this lake house. They certainly want to be there. They don't want things to get too crazy. They know that they will though. And so, they avoid it as best as they can. And yet, that drama allows several moments of clarity to come as well. Amy is frustrated by how cocky Charles is about caring for Mac. He proclaims himself as great with kids. Meanwhile, Amy struggles as a parent because she hovers too much. Mac can't sleep for several hours because she is constantly checking on him. It's an action out of love. It's overwhelming and unnecessary too. These new parents are learning what they need to do to care for their child. It never takes away from everything else that is important in their lives. It's something they are mindful about too. It means something to them. They always have room to grow. They just need to be willing to admit that and welcome it - even when Charles is perfectly capable of messing up too. These are simple but enjoyable stories. Again, the main action comes from Jake plotting to get Holt and Kevin back together. It plays as a typical Jake plot. He is always scheming. At this point, the squad knows it's probably not a good idea to encourage this. It won't work out how he plans. Meanwhile, Terry just enjoys playing all sides. He believes it has gotten him this far in his life. He is comfortable where he is. He doesn't feel the urge to change and conduct himself differently now. Of course, he wants the credit when it arrives too. Jake puts in the effort. He creates chaos. It's outrageous. But the show still allows the sweetness to bloom between Holt and Kevin once more as well. That is very earned. These two belong together. That's what everyone should be rooting for. It needs to happen. The show wants to depict it as not always being easy. That's part of life. It's more complicated than that simple desire. And yet, the feelings of love are just as present as they have ever been. That hasn't changed at all.