Thursday, August 12, 2021

Casting News - Billy Zane Replaces Mickey Rourke on 'MacGruber'; Ali Stroker to Co-Star on 'Echoes'; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - August 12, 2021

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender & Echoes; and Peacock's MacGruber.

  • Gordon Cormier, Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley and Dallas Liu will star in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon series. Cormier previously recurred on CBS All Access' The Stand. Kiawentiio has recurred on Netflix's Anne With an E and Peacock's Rutherford Falls. Ousley has recurred on Disney+'s Big Shot and AppleTV+'s Physical. Liu has recurred on Netflix's No Good Nick and Hulu's PEN15.
  • Cormier will play Aang, a fearless and fun-loving 12-year-old who just happens to be the Avatar, master of all four elements and the keeper of balance and peace in the world. An airbending prodigy, he is a reluctant hero, struggling to deal with the burden of his duties while still holding on to his adventurous and playful nature.
  • Kiawentiio will play Katara, a determined and hopeful waterbender, the last in her small village. Though only 14, she's already endured great personal tragedy, which has held her back from rising to her true potential, though it's never dimmed her warm and caring spirit.
  • Ousley will play Sokka, Katara's sardonic and resourceful 16-year-old brother. Outwardly confident, even brash, he takes his responsibility as the leader of his tribe seriously, despite his inner doubts over his warrior skills... doubts that he masks with his wit and deadpan sense of humor.
  • Liu will play Zuko, a skilled firebender and the intense and guarded Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. Currently roaming the world in exile, he's on an obsessive quest to capture the Avatar because he believes that is the only way to reclaim his life and live up to the demands of his cruel and controlling father, the Fire Lord.
  • Moreover, the streaming service has announced the new creative team for the series. Albert Kim will serve as showrunner - replacing original series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who departed last year. Kim will executive produce alongside Dan Lin, Lindsey Liberatore and Michael Goi, with Roseanne Liang as a co-executive producer. Directors for the first season include Goi, Liang and Jabbar Raisani.
  • Ali Stroker, Karen Robinson and Rosanny Zayas will co-star on the upcoming limited series starring Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer and Daniel Sunjata. Stroker won a Tony Award in 2019 for her performance in the musical Oklahoma!. Robinson previously starred for six seasons in Pop's Schitt's Creek. Zayas currently stars in Showtime's The L Word: Generation Q, which is now airing its second season.
  • Stroker will play Claudia, the sister who can't quite penetrate the mysterious community formed by twins Leni and Gina (both played by Monaghan). After a tragic moment that left her in a wheelchair, she has risen to become the caretaker of the family home. When her sister Leni goes missing, the future of that household is in jeopardy.
  • Robinson will play Sheriff Louise Floss, the longtime public servant of Mt. Echo. She's seen it all. That is, until the moment Leni goes missing. Her unflappable demeanor will be challenged in every way by the events set in motion by the twins.
  • Zayas will play Paula Martinez, a Deputy who has enjoyed her first year working in the sleepy town of Mt. Echo where the crimes are as mild as the weather. But when her new friend Leni disappears, the true character of Mt. Echo reveals itself - and she finds herself caught in the middle.
  • Billy Zane, Joseph Lee Anderson and Timothy V. Murphy have joined the cast of the upcoming comedy created by and starring Will Forte. Zane starred in the 1997 film Titanic and next stars in Netflix's upcoming limited series True Story. Anderson currently stars in NBC's Young Rock, which has been renewed for a second season. Murphy has previously recurred on FX's Sons of Anarchy, HBO's True Detective and TNT's Snowpiercer.
  • Zane will play Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth, one of MacGruber's (Forte) mortal enemies. Long thought dead, he has resurfaced to carry out a heinous plot to destroy the world, and in the process, claim his revenge against MacGruber. Zane replaces Mickey Rourke, who was originally cast in the role but has now left the series.
  • Anderson will recur as Major Harold Kernst, the right-hand man of General Fasoose (Laurence Fishburne), who is responsible for overseeing MacGruber on a life-threatening mission.
  • Murphy will recur as Constantine Bach, Dieter von Cunth's ruthless henchman, who has returned to seek revenge against MacGruber.