Monday, August 30, 2021

Casting News - Emily VanCamp Leaving 'The Resident' After Four Seasons; 'Vampire Academy' Sets Main Cast; Plus 7 More Updates!

Casting News - August 30, 2021

Amazon's Dead Ringers; The CW's Batwoman; FOX's The Resident; Hulu's The Girl From Plainville & How I Met Your Father; NBC's Ordinary Joe & The Thing About Pam; Paramount+'s Mayor of Kingstown; and Peacock's Vampire Academy.

  • Cara Buono and Kai Lennox have been cast as series regulars on the upcoming limited series starring Elle Fanning and Colton Ryan. Buono currently stars in Netflix's Stranger Things, which returns for its fourth season next year. Lennox previously starred for two seasons in USA's Falling Water.
  • Buono will play Gail Carter, Michelle's (Fanning) mother. At first, it's hard to crack Gail, but as the series progresses, she becomes introspective about her own skills as a mother. She tries to help Michelle address her mental health issues. She is terrified of the potential reality of her daughter's complicity in Coco's (Ryan) death and of how the world will critique her.
  • Lennox will play David Carter, Michelle's father. He works as a sales manager to assist in providing his family with what appears to be a normal, suburban lifestyle. "Appears to be" is the operative phrase, and cracks begin to fissure the illusion.
  • Rushi Kota, Jason Burkey and Gabrielle Byndloss have booked recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring James Wolk. Kota previously recurred on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Netflix's Never Have I Ever. Burkey has recurred on AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's The Resident and BET's The Oval. Byndloss has recurred on AMC's Halt and Catch Fire and Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  • Kota will play Sai, the adorable and neurotic Chief of Staff helping to run a political campaign.
  • Burkey will play Darren, Jenny's (Elizabeth Lail) husband and father to their twin 5-year-old girls. He is unaware of Jenny and Joe's (Wolk) romantic past.
  • Byndloss will play Mallory, Eric's (Charlie Barnett) wife who co-runs their artisanal pizza restaurant and is five months pregnant with their first child.
  • Kyle Chandler has joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Jeremy Renner and Dianne Wiest. He previously starred for five seasons in NBC's Friday Night Live, winning an Emmy Award for his lead performance in 2011. He also starred for three seasons in Netflix's Bloodline and in the Hulu limited series Catch-22. He next stars in Showtime's upcoming anthology drama Super Pumped opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • He will play Mitch McLusky, the older brother to Mike McLusky (Renner). He is a fixer both inside and outside the prison system in a town where the prisons are the economic engines to the city at large.
  • Sisi Stringer, Daniela Nieves, Kieron Moore, André Dae Kim, J. August Richards, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Rhian Blundell, Jonetta Kaiser and Andrew Liner will star in the upcoming drama based on the book series by Richelle Mead. Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre developed the drama for the streaming service.
  • Stringer (Mortal Kombat) will play Rose Hathaway, a vampire-human hybrid known as a Dhampir. Fiery and outspoken, she is a true fighter in spirit and in practice. She always jumps into action, and more often than not, this results in demerits. She might be the strongest fighter in her class, but her success will depend entirely on her willingness to toe the line when it counts.
  • Nieves (Five Points) will play Lissa Dragomir, a Royal Moroi vampire. Growing up the younger sister to the heir apparent, she is a carefree, kind-hearted royal princess coasting through her studies and happily chasing fun. She is uninterested in the political machinations of the Royal Court or the hypocrisy of Moroi royal society. But with a sudden death in her family, Lissa is thrust into a role she's neither trained for nor is emotionally equipped to handle.
  • Moore (Sex Education) will play Dimitri Belikov, the model of a Dhampir guardian: lethal, disciplined, discreet and totally committed to his role as bodyguard to the ruling Moroi, the "good," mortal vampires of his world. He lives by a deep moral code, but beneath his stoic, watchful surface, there's an expansive spirit that could threaten to expose the underlying tension between his sense of what's right and his formal duty to the Moroi.
  • Dae Kim (Degrassi) will play Christian Ozera, a Royal Moroi vampire. Intelligent and thoughtful, he is the pariah of the school and royal court, due to his parents' unforgivable societal sins. Well-read and hungry for knowledge, he searches for faith-based answers and discovers a kindred spirit who is also looking for the truth.
  • Richards (Generation) will play Victor Dashkov, a Moroi noble vampire with a heart of gold who's highly regarded for his role as advisor and political strategist to Moroi dignitaries. He's a fierce loyalist who uses his intelligence and influence to protect that which he values most: the well-being of his husband and two adopted daughters as well as the betterment of his Moroi community.
  • Uwajeh (Cyrano de Bergerac) will play Tatiana Vogel, a Moroi vampire and political underdog who slowly takes the royal court by storm. Motivated by love and a sense of justice, she has a unique skill of making herself seem of no consequences until we realize much too late that she was always the one to watch.
  • McKenna-Bruce (Billy Elliot: The Musical) will play Mia Karp, a student at St. Vladimir's Academy. Witty, cutting and just the right kind of ruthless when necessary, non-royal Mia has a long-term plan to social climb her way into the ranks of royalty, with all the privilege and freedom that entails. A plan complicated by her instant chemistry with Meredith, a guardian-in-training, as Mia struggles to reconcile her attraction to Meredith with her lowly status.
  • Blundell (Torchwood: Believe) will play Meredith, a smart and strong-willed Dhampir who is a keen observer, which makes her an excellent strategist and a valuable asset. She has little patience for Rose's volatility or Mia's elitism, and regularly calls both of them out.
  • Kaiser (Tales) will play Sonya Karp. Quiet, careful and decidedly odd, she is not of royal bloodline and sits out on the fringe of Moroi society, preferring to spend her time in the library of her gardens. Not a person who likes a scene, nonetheless she has a quiet but profound power of her own. She is taken by surprise when a Dhampir guardian named Mikhail shows interest in her, a relationship that will expose both the brightest and darkest parts of her heart.
  • Liner (Grown-ish) will play Mason Ashford. Charming, loyal and popular, he is Rose's main competition in the quest to become the No. 1 guardian-in-training. Though their relationship is casual on her side, he is hopeful she will finally look at him and see him as something more.
  • Judy Greer and Katy Mixon are set as series regulars on the upcoming limited series starring Renée Zellweger and Josh Duhamel. Greer previously starred for two seasons in FX's Married and two seasons in Showtime's Kidding. She next stars in Showtime's upcoming anthology drama The First Lady. Mixon previously starred for two seasons in HBO's Eastbound & Down, six seasons in CBS' Mike & Molly and five seasons in ABC's American Housewife.
  • Greer will play Leah Askey, the former Lincoln County prosecutor who tried Russ Faria twice for his wife's murder.
  • Mixon will play Betsy Faria, who had stage 4 cancer when she was found stabbed to death in her home in December 2011.
  • Emily VanCamp is leaving the cast of the drama after four seasons as a series regular. She is expected to wrap her character's story at the start of the fifth season, with the potential for her to return as a guest star in the future. In addition to her four years as the female lead on the medical drama, she previously starred for four seasons in ABC's Revenge and in the Disney+ limited series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  • She plays Nicolette "Nic" Nevin, a nurse practitioner at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. She married Conrad (Matt Czuchry) in the Season 4 premiere and gave birth to their daughter, Georgiana Grace Hawkins, in the Season 4 finale.
  • Bridget Regan has landed a recurring role on the drama's upcoming third season. She previously starred for three seasons in TNT's The Last Ship. She has also recurred on USA's White Collar, ABC's Agent Carter and The CW's Jane the Virgin.
  • She will play Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy, the former botany student of Gotham University, who was a passionate, brilliant scientist with a mind for changing the world for the better. Her plans shifted when she was experimented on by a colleague, injected with various plant toxins which turned her into the infamous Batman villain: Poison Ivy. With a formidable power coursing through her veins, Pamela used her powers to do what she thought was right... even if Batman and those closest to her disagreed with her dangerous methods. Now effectively wiped off the board for years, Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) and the team must prepare themselves for Poison Ivy to return with a vengeance.
  • Jennifer Ehle and Emily Meade have been cast in recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring Rachel Weisz. Ehle is a two-time Tony Award winner for the plays The Real Thing and The Coast of Utopia. Meade previously starred for three seasons in HBO's The Deuce.
  • Ehle will play Rebecca, a brilliant and ruthless heiress, regularly featured on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
  • Meade will play Susan, Rebecca's hopeful and surprisingly shrewd wife. The two share a fascination with science, innovation and women's health. They become involved in the business venture of Elliot and Beverly Mantle (both played by Weisz).
  • Daniel Augustin is set for a recurring role on the upcoming comedy starring Hilary Duff. He previously recurred on OWN's David Makes Man. He is currently recurring on HBO Max's upcoming comedy Rap Sh*t.
  • He will play Ian. Handsome, smart and funny, he is Sophie's (Duff) Tinder match who finally meets her in person for the first time. Augustin replaces Brandon Michael Hall, who was originally cast in the role - reuniting with his God Friended Me co-star Suraj Sharma - but now had to exit due to a scheduling conflict.