Monday, August 9, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Michael Accepts a Seemingly Dire Fate While Liz Finally Confronts Max in 'Black Hole Sun'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.03 "Black Hole Sun"

Liz confronts Max. Maria is desperate to figure out the mystery of her vision. Isobel is learning  more about her abilities. Kyle has a strange encounter. Michael is fueled by his anger.

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"Black Hole Sun" was written by Eva McKenna & Onalee Hunter Hughes and directed by Aprill Winney

Liz and Max are willing to accept some accountability for their past actions. It doesn't mean they are suddenly making better choices now. They are still plagued by the same issues as before. They simply acknowledge how destructive they were to each other previously. Liz is still determined to make breakthrough discovers through her research. Max is still driven by trying to keep others safe. It's more open and rewarding when the characters can actually talk about what's happening in their lives. Their first impulse is always to keep thing bottled up and explode in a different context. That plagues so many characters as well. Michael believes he is destined to be a tyrant just like his father. It's only further confirmation of the story that has long defined his life in comparison to Max and Isobel. As such, he completely accepts the idea that death in Maria's vision is all that he deserves. Of course, the show loves providing thin clues as to that future event without offering much clarity whatsoever. Maria is determined to prove that her visions aren't set in stone. They can still be changed. They aren't destined to play out exactly as she sees them no matter what. She wants to prevent a death. She does so even at great physical harm to herself. She is loving and caring in that way. She always wants to do more to keep others safe. She is generous. People can take advantage of that. It means she also has to emotionally manage the people around her. She is faced with this burden. She accepts the consequences to her body. She is hopefully doing what's right. Meanwhile, Michael is wading through the misery believing this is all that he deserves because his father also happens to be a monster. That is confirmation of who he is meant to be. It's rewarding that Alex is the one to deliver a reality check to Michael. That's something he needed to hear. People aren't defined solely by who their parents are. Alex strives for his own identity. A lot has been in reaction to his father. Sergeant Manes is dead though. He is celebrated as a hero even though his family knows the true horror of what he did. Alex embraces this new professional opportunity. It still points back to the grand mysteries of the universe. He can never escape that path set out for him. No one can escape it even if some do get to leave Roswell from time to time. Liz comes back after all. Kyle feels like he is used by everyone. They have no true consideration for his life and agency whatsoever. Isobel offers him some comfort. She is only capable of doing so because of her strengthening powers as an empath. That clarity brings purpose to her life. She aids Kyle. He is never given the time to put that self-care into action though. He is immediately thrown into a new mystery of a signal with his father's voice coming through the antique device that was just recently given to him. That only adds to the mysteries that are prevalent this season. And again, it's frustrating when the characters believe they must be guarded and protective all the time. They share these secrets in the hopes of hurting others. That is always the core intention. Maria and Rosa can't hide things from Liz. Kyle is more frustrated when he talks with her though. Liz has some understanding of what's happening in her hometown. She knows Max is dying. She doesn't know the full truth. Only a few people are even aware of Jones' existence. He is free now. He is able to roam throughout Roswell. And so, no one is truly protected despite the best intentions of the aliens in trying to cover up this secret. Everyone involved should probably have learned some of these lessons by now. It continues to feel like the show going in cycles with no way to get off and embrace something new. Everything is contained once more to an alien threat that is possibly more dangerous and risks the lives of those who have tried to build their lives in Roswell. The search for clarity and inner peace is so frequently marred by these grand mysteries. Some of that burden is external. So much of it remains internal in a way that has been covered frequently throughout the series to date. Powers evolve. Situations do as well. The conflicts remain very similar though.