Monday, August 23, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Max Trying to Save One Life Places Another in Jeopardy in 'Killing Me Softly With His Song'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.05 "Killing Me Softly With His Song"

Liz makes the choice to lie to Heath. Maria and Rosa stand up to Jordan. Isobel does some digging into Jones.

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"Killing Me Softly With His Song" was written by Alanna Bennett & Danny Tolli and directed by Rachel Raimist

As long as ash covers the air, the threat against Kyle's life remains. Maria solved the mystery of her vision. As such, she is doing whatever it takes to keep Kyle alive. That is important to her. It drives everything for her. She recognizes that she can't relax just yet even though everyone feels like celebrating at the conclusion of this episode. This conflict is far from over. The city of Roswell isn't magically healed of all its racial tension because one white supremacist is held accountable for his heinous actions - with the sheriff reluctant to even do that. In fact, that may only fan the flames of this drama further as these racists will feel even more enraged against the communities of color they blame for all their problems and lack of success. Of course, that also forces the show to continually tease the audience. It is seduced by this ongoing mystery of whether Kyle can be saved. Maria is desperately trying to prove her vision wrong. And yet, the overall story keeps dragging out the possibility that it could all be true. It gets in the way of the more grounded character drama happening. The stakes against Kyle's life are important. They need to be resolved sooner than later though. Right now, the show continually suggests that something lethal has happened to him only to alleviate that fear later on. In the previous episode, it seemed like Maria and Isobel were too late to prevent his death. In reality, Max got there in the nick of time. He saved Kyle. Sure, that creates a link between the two of them as well. That connection has already proven to be highly consequential for the life that Liz wants to live far away from Roswell. It proves that she can never escape this place. She is forever attached to a man who perpetually hurts her. She inflicts harm on others as well. It's a tragic cycle that they all seem destined to repeat. They can't escape it because this psychic link always keeps them together. They regret their past actions. Trying to atone for them is rather empty and minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Kyle's life is saved. He continues to be an active part of the story. He has forgiveness in his heart for Liz. They are family. They will always come back together to support each other. He helps save her life too. But these stories may forever be doomed to keep repeating. Whenever Max is in emotional or physical distress, the people he has touched will deal with those consequences too. Everyone has long believed that his connection to Liz wore off a long time ago. That may also be the only reason why they continue to have feelings for one another. It's not built on anything real. It's all manipulation out of their control. Of course, that removes any kind of responsibility from the situation altogether. The show doesn't want to blame anyone for these tortured dynamics that inform these relationships. It passes the buck onto some mysterious connection that can never change. That removes tension from the proceedings. And then, the story ends up in the exact same place with Max returning home fearing that something has happened to his friends. He does find Maria. Kyle isn't immediately present. He was in that location. Something absolutely happened. The audience should be concerned for multiple characters now. Everyone is trying their best to protect the aliens. It comes at a time when Jones is actively hurting this world in the name of protecting only a select few. He will heal Max. He has to kill in order to do so. That's the way he has accepted the limits of his powers. The protagonists don't want to ration with that agonizing choice. But again, that too feels like the show dragging out its stakes without offering much new to say. Part of it comes from them being naive to the realities of this world. Michael is certainly seeing things more clearly. Isobel is learning how to handle her new powers. That may only open the world up to more dangerous actions though. The scope of the abilities increases. So does the extent of the consequences that could come for anyone in this community. They all fight to protect the identity of Roswell. No one seems to be making much progress. They may only be making things worse. Some of that can be blamed on the protagonists who were ignorant and now put in charge of what happens in this place. Some of that is also just the natural foundation the show has set for this season. It embraces similar themes as the past. It's also complicated in a way that isn't always executed well. That's unfortunate even when this episode seems to promise resolution by healing Max. That action seemingly must be countered with more danger because that's the way the stories apparently have to operate.