Sunday, September 5, 2021

REVIEW: 'Legends of Tomorrow' - Sara and Ava's Love Inspires Protection Against an Alien Invasion in 'The Fungus Amongus'

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 6.15 "The Fungus Amongus"

When Sara realizes Bishop's plan, Ava convinces Sara to allow the Legends to make exception to the rules to help fight back. Behrad comes up with an interesting plan, that allows Sara to connect with an old friend. Amidst a battle, Sara and Ava make an important decision but need the help of the team to pull it off.

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"The Fungus Amongus" was written by Keto Shimizu & James Eagan and directed by David Geddes

Is humanity worthy of protection and salvation by the Fountain? The human race produced Bishop, who was willing to poison this life source in a massive power trip. He did so because he wanted to be left alone on the planet with Sara. He saw that as the only way to torture her and ensure a lifetime together. That's his ultimate goal. It's still scrapped together in the end. Bishop wasn't a successful antagonist this season. Sara was the only Legend who consistently focused her energy towards him. Everyone else on the team had their own agency elsewhere. That created a more sporadic season. It's one that wants to come together in this finale. It does offer a celebration after all. Sara and Ava get married. They decide to do so because they may only have four more hours left. The alien invasion has started in 1925 now that the Fountain has been killed. And yet, the Fountain isn't dead. It's being sustained by Constantine's life force. That's enough to keep hope alive. But the powerful alien has also deemed humans not worthy of its grand abilities. It's not until the wedding ceremony is complete that the tide starts to turn in the Legends' favor. It highlights the importance of this team standing as a solidified unit. They have been hurt and broken because of each other. That happened just recently with Constantine pursuing magic instead of committing to love with Zari. Of course, his sacrifice is mostly nothing by the end of this season. His punishment for all that he is done is him simply having to walk a different path away from the Legends. That's incredibly vague and empty especially after his "death" an episode ago. It's basically the same choice that Rory makes after his children hatch and consume Bishop right away. He is leaving to be present as a parent for his new children. He wants to avoid making the same mistakes he did with Lita. Kayla embraces the family as well. She wants to run as soon as the invasion is imminent. Rory shows her a new form of commitment and connection. It's something that she too desires in her life. It's special and unique. And so, she is willing to sacrifice her life for the protection of the Legends. They are a family of misfits who always find a way to save the world. Now, they may never get to rest for too long after each threat is dealt with. That's once again the case at the end of this season. The Waverider is destroyed. That may leave the Legends stranded in the past. They still have plenty of capabilities. They are still a unified team committed to each other. All of that is perfectly displayed in Sara and Ava's vows. Those are absolutely perfect. That relationship has always been tremendous. As such, it can always serve as a strong focal point even when the overarching narrative is a mess. Sara and Ava are married now. Their lives have expanded and grown as a result of being together. They are co-captains for life. Nothing can break them. They are family. They have shown each other just how profound and loving that concept can be. It makes perfect sense that the Fountain would also cherish and reward that beautiful love. It's driven by the connections amongst the team as well. It sees the Legends as the best display of humanity. That means opinions change. Once power is restored, the Fountain can fend off these invaders. It's a heartwarming sentiment. It's not the most creative or outlandish the show has ever been. However, the story still provides moments that are needed for any of this to work. Sara and Rory need a moment together to acknowledge the original team and their mission. It's changed so much. And now, Sara is the last one standing from that original group. Similarly, it was necessary for Sara and Zari to have moments with Constantine. Astra had that significant time with him in the previous episode. It spelled out doom for him. That is largely undone here. That may be questionable in the grand scheme of things. He provides a valuable lesson to Sara. That clarity is necessary for everything that happens afterwards. With Zari though, it's not all that intimate or vulnerable. It's simply going through the motions of what's needed to explain why this romance can no longer continue. That's understandable but not as pivotal as some of the other moments from this finale.