Monday, September 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Liz and Max Finally Take a Road Trip as Michael and Alex Have Their First Date in 'Tones of Home'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.09 "Tones of Home"

Liz and Max continue to search for a way to stop Jones. Michael is worried about Alex. Isobel finds a big piece of the puzzle.

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"Tones of Home" was written by Alanna Bennett, Leah Longoria & Steve Stringer and directed by America Young

It was perfectly reasonable to assume that Heath's story arc had come to a conclusion. His priority came from Liz's time in Los Angeles. He was a valuable ally to her. He existed as hope for a life beyond Roswell. And yet, the story eventually led her back to her home. In doing so, she was reluctant to share any of her secrets with him despite the intimacy they had developed over the course of a few episodes. He helped her see the science in a new way that led to breakthroughs. Of course, everyone is still chasing the science and hoping to figure it out before Jones can enact his grand plan. Heath is now positioned as the only person who can aid in this pursuit. Liz and Max are off to Los Angeles to track him down. Meanwhile, Jones employs the services of law enforcement to trace where Heath actually is. This means that Jones is ultimately more effective and efficient in the search. Liz and Max waste a lot of time as a result. That's the overall narrative momentum of this episode. Heath is in possession of something everyone needs. Jones obtains it. However, the purpose of this episode is highlighting the lives worth living for everyone involved. They have to be motivated by something deeply personal. They have to embrace some sense of humanity to love and cherish when this is all over. Isobel can't afford any distractions. She needs to be singularly focused on tracking down yet another alien in New Mexico. That too pays off here. A discovery is made. Dallas is revealed to be an alien who had a much different upbringing than Max, Isobel and Michael. Heath has been trying to save his life as well. That means Liz and Heath operate as kindred spirits. They are brilliant scientists trying to save the lives of their best friends who happen to be aliens. They follow the same path. They were both completely in the dark about what was motivating each other. Before that grand reveal comes, Liz believes she was once again manipulated by a man she trusted. That too has been a part of her life. She has suffered from so much emotional whiplash as a result of loving Max Evans. They can reminisce during their road trip to Los Angeles about all the plans they once dreamed of doing together. That only leads to more secrets being unearthed. Max has kept more of her research. Those notations may ultimately help with the science everyone is chasing after. Of course, that's speculation for the future. Right now, the priority is focusing on the personal motivations in this fight. Eduardo wants to keep his promise to his brother in keeping Kyle far away from these alien mysteries. He's a little too late for that. Kyle is already deeply involved. He also has personal agency once more. That's a relief after several episodes of being nonexistent. In fact, this episode brings more people into the mysteries of Deep Sky. Eduardo has long been cautious about what he does and who he brings in. Kyle and Michael demand the access though. Their insight is valuable. But again, it's all about saving Alex from enduring the same traumatic fate as everyone else who has worked on the Lockhart machine. He and Michael have to work on it together to fix it completely. That's a major victory while also being treated as a grand romantic connection between them as their first official date. That's meaningful to them. Meanwhile, Isobel is left questioning who she is and what she wants in life. She is so often defined by the plight of those around her. She is an empath with an incredible skillset. Her identity has gotten lost in the chaos though. She is forceful and demanding. She is also kind and deserving of love. A possibility may be open to her. That's worth pursuing despite Max's own history with the investigative journalist. The world continues to expand in Roswell. More aliens are revealed. More tragic backstories are confirmed. The threat is still pronounced. But this hour helps bring clarity to the proceedings even though the impasse Max and Liz face is very familiar to their past conflicts. Everything happening in Roswell though remains enticing and worthy of further development. That comes from those dynamics not being overwrought with melodrama despite that being the overall mood the show typical strives for in its storytelling. That's a delicate balance that works in some instances and not so well in others.