Monday, September 27, 2021

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Isobel and Michael Struggle to Connect with the New Alien in Their Triad in 'Angels of the Silences'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 3.10 "Angels of the Silences"

Liz and Max race to find Heath in the hopes that he can help find a way to get Jones out of Max's body. Michael and Isobel try to get through to Dallas.

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"Angels of the Silences" was written by Danny Tolli & Onalee Hunter Hughes and directed by Laura Detzke

How do you tell someone that they are an alien? Dallas has long sought out answers about the strange things happening around him. And yet, he had no one who could offer any clarity whatsoever. Heath was determined to save him as his best friend. That's sweet and comforting. But Isobel and Michael can connect with him in a completely different way as they understand the experiences he has gone through. Dallas thought that he had found clarity in following his path as a preacher. The mysteries that plagued his world didn't need to be understood. He could find clarity elsewhere in trying to help those in need. And yes, he has done exactly that. He provided spiritual guidance to Rosa earlier this season. She appreciated that. It helped her along her journey. Isobel was a part of that too. She has guided Rosa through conquering and controlling her powers. She seeks to extend that same generosity to Dallas. She believes she too has found her purpose. As an empath, she can help people - especially those like her who are lost. She has always had the comfort of family. She was discovered alongside Max and Michael. They weren't always kept together. However, their bond has strengthened over the years to the point where they never felt alone. Of course, Michael's life experience was still different. He never found a foster family willing to take him in for a long time. Max and Isobel were adopted. They had that safety and security. That means Michael is the only person who can connect with Dallas on that level. They know the agony of people demonizing them and sending them away instead of leading with compassion. Isobel and Michael don't make a good first impression either. They try to force Dallas into acceptance of his place in their triad. They need him for a specific purpose. He is the only person who can crack the mysteries of the Lockhart machine. His entirely life has been plagued by the messages it has sent out every 47 days though. He is afraid of it when it suddenly enters the picture. Isobel and Michael are forceful. They don't consider his independence or the shocking nature of these reveals. That's how they unlock the vast mysteries though. They have to extend a part of themselves. They need to be open and vulnerable about what they lost as a result of landing in this world with no one who could understand. But they also need to empower by blowing the door open as to what is now possible. Dallas has strength and wisdom as a preacher. And now, his world has the potential to become even more enriching. Of course, that too comes with a dire warning. He may have to kill Max in order to prevent Jones from threatening even more of this world. Kyle is once again thrown in the middle of this alien drama. He is always trying his best to protect their secrets. Meanwhile, Isobel and Michael get to enjoy the benefits of embracing their own personal happiness. Max gets that to an extent as well. Liz is ready to commit to their love once more. It's just unfortunate that Jones is the one she makes that proclamation to. In turn, he abducts her as well as Heath and Sheriff Taylor. That too puts the drama right back into the uncertainty of this action. The story this season understands the careful balance between fighting this dire threat and ensuring the world is worth protecting for the protagonists. It has had to offer those moments of hope and happiness. Their paths need to be clear so everyone knows what they are fighting for. And yet, that can easily lead to them getting distracted as well. That too has created opportunities for them to miss out on some crucial developments. Max needs help from his family. They will answer his call. It may still be too late. Jones has Liz. He is closer than ever to severing the connection. That will only make him more powerful and set in stone what Dallas has to do. That may ensure this new triad is destroyed before it has much time to develop into something significant and meaningful. It's more consequential for Michael to express his gratitude to Alex for helping him find and embrace his family. That bond means something. Meanwhile, Isobel is enjoying the hope of something new too. But the various pieces could also spell out certain doom in a way that already feels apparent without dictating the heart and meaning as clearly before those climatic moments occur.