Friday, October 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Another Life' - The Balance of Power Shifts in Space Forcing Niko to Make a Key Decision in 'My Own Worst Enemy'

Netflix's Another Life - Episode 2.03 "My Own Worst Enemy"

Left behind but holding on, Niko and Cas each tangle with the Achaia in their own way. At the Salvare, the crew uncovers a key alien vulnerability.

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"My Own Worst Enemy" was written by Alexander Levine and directed by Kellie Cyrus

Every member of the Salvare crew is replaceable. That was established early on in the series. No one should be considered safe. Plenty people signed up for this mission and remain in stasis waiting to be woken up and activated. Anyone could be lost along the way and have their skills replaced shortly thereafter. At this point, people actually complain after they wake up and learn the depths of the trouble the ship has gotten into. They wonder why it's taken so long for them to be brought onto the playing field. That also puts uncertainty into the proceedings because people are now in positions of power where the audience doesn't know how to view them quite yet. Richard didn't choose to abandon Niko and Cas because of some animosity towards them. It was simply the smart, tactical decision given more Achaian ships were about to appear. Even then, the chase is intense. They may be followed all the way back to Earth. They may not be able to warn their friends in time. Of course, they have no clue what the Achaia are already doing on Earth. They know that this alien species must be tempting their loved ones just as fiercely as they have been doing in space. Niko didn't fall to that temptation. Cas is about to though. She knows that it's all a simulation. But she still yearns for the majesty of what the Earth once was as well as the restoration of her brother. It's all one big trick. But she is completely susceptible to the Achaia because the Salvare is gone. Niko and Cas are left alone to defend themselves. They are quickly separated. The Achaia are done negotiating with Niko. They believe she offers nothing but pain and vengeance. She needs to be eliminated in order to move ahead with their grand plans. Niko and Cas both survive this ordeal though. They make their way back to the Salvare. They don't have to be replaced. In fact, they can still offer a show of good faith to the Achaia in the hopes of fostering peace. It doesn't work though. The ships simply stumble upon something in space that weakens the Achaia without doing much harm to humans. The effects are still felt on the Salvare. The ship is at risk of being torn apart because of these magnetic waves. It's not disruptive to the individuals down to their very essence. That's what happens to the Achaia though. They are broken. They suddenly have no power. They ask for mercy from Niko and Cas. They have the ability to save them. If they do so, that could then radically change the conversation. It would no longer be one of trying to force humanity into submission. Niko tries her best. It doesn't work. The humans have to think quickly in order for this to become even viable. They are making things up as they go along. They have the science and technology to potentially make this work. It's not a sure thing. Plus, it can be disrupted before it gets too far. Even the best intentions can quickly be distorted. Thousands of Achaia are killed because Niko can't save them. That may only doom further communication between the species. It's not for a lack of trying. The mission may have been sabotaged. The people on the Salvare may have different ideas of what's necessary in order to survive. Richard believes the implant must be removed from Javier in order to understand how this weapon targets the Achaia. It's necessary to understand their enemy so they can potentially fight back. It kills Javier in the process. Zayn operates with that clarity every step of the way. And yet, they are still forced into compliance. It's a direct order. If they refuse, Richard will simply wake up a different doctor who will listen to him. Richard wants people on his team he knows and trusts. It's not the order of when people should be selected for this mission. William comments on that. Niko hasn't exactly followed that list every time though. She has adapted to the needs of the situation. Richard could be doing that here as well. It may still invite danger into their worlds. If humanity is divided, they may not be able to come together in time to stop any threat to its existence. Good intentions from a select few can only go so far. It's easy to immediately cast suspicion onto Iara because of her seemingly torn allegiance. She too may react as a result of Javier's death. That's just suspicion right now. It unifies the overall intrigue and concern. The truth is probably more complicated than that though.