Friday, October 15, 2021

Casting News - Harvey Keitel Joins 'Iron Mike'; Patton Oswalt and Nat Faxon to Recur on 'Gaslit'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Casting News - October 15, 2021

AppleTV+'s Wool; Hulu's Iron Mike; Netflix's Echoes; and Starz's Gaslit.

  • Patton Oswalt, Nat Faxon, Erinn Hayes, Patrick Walker, Carlos Valdes, Raphael Sbarge, Anne Dudek, Chris Conner, Brian Geraghty, Nelson Franklin, Reed Diamond, Johnny Berchtold, Adam Ray and Billy Smith have been cast in recurring roles on the upcoming limited series starring Sean Penn and Julia Roberts.
  • Oswalt (A.P. Bio, The Goldbergs) will play Chuck Colson, a close advisor to President Richard Nixon who served as Special Counsel and played a role in the Watergate cover-up.
  • Faxon (HouseBroken, Disenchantment) will play Bob Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff to President Nixon. With John Ehrlichman, he operated as the "Berlin Wall" standing between Nixon and the rest of the administration.
  • Hayes (Childrens Hospital, Medical Police) will play Peggy Ebbitt, a friend of the Mitchells from the early days of their marriage.
  • Walker (The Resident, Power) will play Frank Wills, the security guard at the Watergate who is the first to find evidence of the break-in, raising the alarm on one of the biggest political scandals in American history and altering the course of his own life.
  • Valdes (The Flash) will play Paul Magallanes, one of he FBI Agents assigned to the Watergate case. He and his partner, Angelo Lano (Chris Messina), come up against the full force of the White House as they investigate the events of June 1972.
  • Sbarge (Once Upon a Time, Murder in the First) will play Charles N. Shaffer, attorney to John Dean (Dan Stevens) during his testimony to the Senate Watergate Committee.
  • Dudek (House, Corporate) will play Diana Oweiss, secretary to Attorney General John Mitchell (Penn).
  • Conner (Altered Carbon, The People v. O.J. Simpson) will play John Ehrlichman, Nixon's right-hand man. With Bob Haldeman, they are the "Berlin Wall" protecting the President from accountability and enacting his every whim.
  • Geraghty (Chicago P.D., Big Sky) will play Peter, a security guard hired by John Mitchell to protect his family, who plays a direct role in a traumatic experience that changes Martha Mitchell's (Roberts) life.
  • Franklin (Veep, Black-ish) will play Dick Moore, White House Special Counsel and John Dean's right-hand man, getting in over his head in both the Watergate cover-up and the '72 Republican National Convention.
  • Diamond (Designated Survivor, 13 Reasons Why) will play Mark Felt, Associate Director of the FBI under L. Patrick Gray, who leaked information from the FBI to the Washington Post as Deep Throat.
  • Berchtold (The Wilds, The Look-See) will play Jay Jennings, the son of Martha Mitchell. A Vietnam veteran, he is the reason Martha bucks the Nixon party by objecting to the Vietnam War.
  • Ray (American Vandal, Crossing Swords) will play Ron Ziegler, Nixon's White House Press Secretary, tasked with fielding questions about Martha Mitchell and the Watergate scandal.
  • Smith (Sully, The Irishman) will play Ken Ebbitt, an old friend of John Mitchell and the one who first introduces him to Martha.
  • Michael O'Neill, Celia Weston, Gable Swanlund, Tyner Rushing, Hazel Mason, Ginger Mason, Alise Willis and Maddie Nichols have joined the cast of the upcoming limited series starring Michelle Monaghan. O'Neill previously starred in NBC's one-season drama Council of Dads. Weston has recurred on ABC's Modern Family and Amazon's Hunters. Swanlund appears in AppleTV+'s upcoming limited series The Shrink Next Door. Rushing recurs on Amazon's upcoming drama The Terminal List. The Mason Twins recurred on NBC's The Blacklist. Willis currently stars in BET+'s Ruthless, which is now airing its second season. Nichols has guest starred on FOX's The Resident and AMC's Creepshow.
  • O'Neill will play Victor McCleary, the father of Leni and Gina (both played by Monaghan).
  • Weston will play Georgia Taylor, Dylan James' grandmother.
  • Swanlund will play Mathilda "Mattie" Beck, the daughter of Leni and Jack Beck (Matt Bomer).
  • Rushing will recur as Maria McCleary, the mother of Leni and Gina.
  • The Mason Twins will recur as young Leni and Gina.
  • Willis will recur as Meg, Leni's best friend and Dylan's cousin.
  • Nichols will recur as Natasha, the babysitter Jack hires to watch Mattie in Leni's absence.
  • Common will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, Rashida Jones and David Oyelowo. As a musical artist, he has won Grammy, Emmy and Academy Awards. As an actor, he starred for four seasons in AMC's Hell on Wheels and recently recurred on Netflix's Never Have I Ever.
  • He will play Sims, the Silo's Head of Judicial Security.
  • Harvey Keitel, Laura Harrier, Grace Zabriskie, Olunike Adeliyi and TJ Atoms have landed roles on the upcoming limited series starring Trevante Rhodes and Russell Hornsby. Keitel was nominated for an Academy Award for the 1991 film Bugsy. Harrier previously starred in the Netflix limited series Hollywood. Zabriskie starred for five seasons in HBO's Big Love and recurred on ABC/Showtime's Twin Peaks. Adeliyi has recurred on CBC/Netflix's Workin' Moms. Atoms currently stars in Hulu's Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which is now airing its second season.
  • Keitel will play Cus D'Amato, Mike Tyson's (Rhodes) first trainer, mentor and eventually adoptive father.
  • Harrier will play Robin Givens, the actress and Tyson's outspoken first wife.
  • Zabriskie will play Camille D'Amato, Cus' wife who considers Mike a son - and is shocked when Robin confronts her about Mike paying her mortgage.
  • Adeliyi will play Lorna Mae, Mike's mother, who's been hardened by a system designed to keep her down.
  • Atoms will play Barkim, a thief and early friend of Mike's who recognizes the young boxer's talent.