Friday, October 8, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nancy Drew' - Nancy Yearns for a Normal Life Despite Revealing Her Family Lineage in 'The Warning of the Frozen Heart'

The CW's Nancy Drew - Episode 3.01 "The Warning of the Frozen Heart"

On the evening of Horseshoe Bay's annual Harvest Carnival, a whole new mystery unfolds for Nancy when the body of a mysterious young man is discovered on the Hudson carnival grounds. The Drew Crew is drawn into the case by a host of confounding clues surrounding a new menace terrorizing the town - a killer who has an enigmatic connection to none other than Nancy's newest foil: Temperance Hudson.

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"The Warning of the Frozen Heart" was written by Noga Landau & Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Amanda Row

Is Nancy Drew capable of leaving Horseshoe Bay? She can if she wants to. She believes she can have an extraordinary life elsewhere even if it's more "normal" than what she has had to deal with lately. However, life can be extraordinary and rewarding in Horseshoe Bay as well. Various law enforcement figures may constantly underestimate her or dismiss what she uncovers in various cases. The community at large respects her. They cherish her opinion. She provides them with comfort and support. That's more true now than ever before. A serial killer is on the loose. It's all meant to send a message to the Hudson family. Nancy occupies that familial space now too. She has stepped forward as Ryan's daughter. She has the ability to break apart the family company in the hopes of aiding the many who have been victimized by past crimes. Nancy is noble and idealistic in her pursuit of that justice. She wants to make things right. She always wants to find answers. That just frequently pulls her into trouble. That takes on a new meaning in this community where supernatural elements are at play. That includes the sudden arrival of Temperance Hudson. She is back after being banished centuries ago. Nancy helped her return as well. Sometimes the Drew Crew doesn't have any choices in the name of helping those that they love. They simply have to do whatever it takes in order to survive all of these incredible ordeals. It makes them hold tight to those they care about. They make life-changing commitments. It's sweet and lovely as well. George is upset that Nick has taken a full week to respond to her wedding proposal. That's frustrating to her. She doesn't think it should take that much time in order to make up his mind about how he feels. It leaves her in limbo and feeling the extremes of not being good enough despite her having full autonomy over her body once more. She wants to relish in that freedom for as long as she can. She doesn't know how long she will live. That clock is counting down in a much more pressing way for her. That's what has been foretold. And yet, any situation could turn deadly for any of these characters. That's certainly precarious. But that's the risk of meddling with the supernatural. So much can change quickly. Amanda's father is out of prison. However, he has immediately roped Ace into his new criminal scheme. Everyone can see that clearly. Even Carson is becoming involved with the police investigation to disrupt this criminal enterprise. That never disrupts the overall feeling of romance that lingers in the air though. Of course, Bess is largely over that following Odette's departure. She just wants no-strings-attached flings at the moment. She's disappointed when the other person wants more. That's when she sends up the flare to Ace to bail her out. He continues to be a good friend. In fact, this premiere is a strong showcase for the friendships amongst the Drew Crew. Even Nancy, Carson and Ryan are united when it comes to the haunted knocking on the front door. They may not understand what's happening. They at least acknowledge it and know that it should absolutely be troubling. And yet, the possibility for more is on the other side as well. Nancy is afraid to open the door to whatever her future might be. She feels it could be constrained if she opts to stay in Horseshoe Bay. That doesn't necessarily have to be true. She can be a champion in this community as well. It's not beneath her to investigate the disappearance of a pet. That connects directly back to the murder case. People may call her out for being too close which prevents her from being objective. And yet, her voice carries power. She isn't always certain with what she wants. She is devastated when Columbia rejects her. She is still prone to feelings of inadequacy. But again, her friends lift her up. She does the same for them. It's happy to celebrate George and Nick's engagement. It's cathartic when Nancy details how she feels about rejection to sympathetic ears. The mysteries still abound. Nancy and the Drew Crew don't solve this case. They know of Temperance's presence. They know that she too is destined to unearth the dark magic of this town. That's ominous. It's also exciting. It's thrilling because of all the investment the show has put into developing this universe. Sure, the audience could always be skeptical about Nancy ever leaving this place. Her questioning where to be resonates because it highlights the ways in which she is struggling in her identity and place in the world. She was possessed for much of the second season. She could reckon with the choices she made. The future is pulling her into new drama. Some of that is amusing. Some of it may offer nothing but tragedy. The audience is along for the ride as each character attempts to maintain some semblance of happiness and peace for as long as they can.