Friday, October 15, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nancy Drew' - Nancy Pursues Leads on the New Killer Targeting Horseshoe Bay in 'The Journey of the Dangerous Mind'

The CW's Nancy Drew - Episode 3.02 "The Journey of the Dangerous Mind"

As the Drew Crew investigates the Frozen Heart murders, sparks fly between Nancy and her counterpart in law enforcement on Nancy's first day as the Community Liaison. Temperance makes a startling offer at the police station. Carson and Ryan have conflicting opinions on how Nancy should be parented. A mishap tests Nick and George's relationship. Bess tries to protect Ace from a string of bad luck that may not be coincidental.

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"The Journey of the Dangerous Mind" was written by Celine Geiger & Andrea Thornton Bolden and directed by Amanda Row

Not every supernatural mystery may be confined to Horseshoe Bay. Plenty of weird and eerie things happen elsewhere in this world. And yet, Nancy and her friends find purpose in this community. They are protecting its citizens against these horrific acts. Their latest investigation may actually be influenced by a crime spree that happened elsewhere though. The Frozen Heart Killer may have started in Alaska. He went dormant a few years ago. That was enough time for a podcast to be produced about his story. Nancy makes progress in her investigation here. She is given clues pertaining to his three-fingered hand, his license plate number and the tools he uses to commit these murders. However, he hasn't been captured yet. Nancy's life is still in danger. The show continually makes that a habit of her life. She is always running into dangerous situations. She views that as her duty in order to solve cases and save lives. Her relationship with the new FBI profiler in town is similar to her past dynamics with law enforcement officers. Of course, she now has official access to the police precinct. She is the community liaison. She is trusted in that role. She sees it as the potential to make a difference even more. She is committed to this case. She wants to solve it quickly. She wants to know why she is being targeted in this way. She fears it's connected to Temperance in some way. She wants to see that as unlikely because it's too perfect a solution. She still doesn't quite know how to judge her ancient relative brought back to life. She is skeptical and weary of her every move. Temperance still offers to help. She does so in ways that violate Nancy without her consent. That drops any kind of good faith from being developed. The future remains hopeful though because it feels like progress is being made in the investigation. Nancy brings her new leads to the police. They have the authority to act. Nancy notices when things don't line up perfectly. She decides to act instead of wait for the official channels to get everything together to do so legally. Nancy has an awareness of the rules that govern how to provide justice in these cases. This particular one is just so severe and personal that she ignores most of them. She does so at the expense of Carson and Ryan as well. She is grateful to have both of them in her life. They worry about her. She is aware of that. But she mostly uses them while keeping them in the dark about what she's doing. That's dangerous for her because breaking into a house leads to her triggering a bomb. That's a scary and precarious image. She survives. She knows how costly all of this could have been. That awareness is present for the moment. She may still struggle to remember that in the future. She has long operated a certain way. Her loved ones are asking for her trust. They need her to consider how they will react based on what she is doing. She promises to do so. She will ultimately have to prove it to those she cares about though. The other members of the Drew Crew feel the same way. They simply have different ways of proving themselves to those they care about. Nick needs to reassure George that they have a future together even if she has lost the engagement ring. And then, George has to reassure her sisters that she isn't going to abandon them. Nick has become a part of this family too. He wants to be there for all of them not just George. That's a huge commitment but one he is willing to make. Similarly, Bess commits to a magical path with Temperance. She has always yearned for this family connection. Practicing magic may allow her to feel closer to her ancestors. Temperance fosters that bond. Bess acts out of love. She wants to keep Ace save in his dealings with Amanda's father. It's dangerous because Temperance's motivations still can't be trusted. Bess still remains pure in her desires. That's evident despite what the larger implications of this decision also imply. Of course, everything can be second guessed and judged. However, these characters are meant to be imperfect. Each choice works only if the audience can understand. Family has meant so much to Bess. And so, it's understandable to see her follow this path despite the risks involved and how her friends will likely judge her for it.