Monday, October 11, 2021

REVIEW: 'Y: The Last Man' - Jennifer Keeps Yorick's Secret Despite More Questions Being Asked in 'My Mother Saw a Monkey'

FX on Hulu's Y: The Last Man - Episode 1.07 "My Mother Saw a Monkey"

Kimberly uncovers a secret. 355 and Allison reach an understanding. Yorick stumbles on a mysterious town where things are not what they seem.

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"My Mother Saw a Monkey" was written by Charlie Jane Anders and directed by Lauren Wolkstein

Continuity of government is incredibly vital to the preservation and stability of the nation. The people who lead the country revere that idea. They must project strength and stability no matter what. Everyone in the room is aware of just how dire and chaotic the world has become. And yet, they are living in a different reality as well. They still operate with some luxuries as the rest of the world is suffering. Jennifer can receive reports about a new strain of the flu coming from Greece. She has the resources to send the military wherever she wants. They can report back to her in person in a matter of hours too. The world is full of resources and opportunities for those who believe they are keeping everything together. They fundamentally believe in a government that offers so much support for the people in need. And yet, the crowds only continue to grow. Those protesters firmly believe that the government is one big conspiracy. That is certainly encouraged by Kimberly and Regina as they want to be in power. They believe it's their right. They were unceremoniously pushed out of the way. They are still in proximity to power though. It's within their grasp. That keeps them motivated without having to address the horror of what the world has become. Jennifer is trying her best to juggle all of these expectations. She knows the public hates her. She has become the public face of the conspiracy theory. She has no meaningful leads as to how every being with a Y chromosome was killed. She would love to have an enemy to fight against. That clarity could bring everyone together. She doesn't have the answers. She tries to project understanding and compassion. People are scared and desperate. And now, they may have a way into the government compound. To date, Beth has largely served as an idea of a character instead of a multi-dimensional component of the story. That priority is suddenly given to her here. She makes her way to Jennifer. That connection is restored. She doesn't want to stay. She wants a moment to celebrate and honor the love they each had for Yorick. Of course, Jennifer is keeping his existence a secret. She feels compelled to do so. He is the only hope for answers. Allison suggested that a lab in San Francisco is the only place with the necessary tools to figure out this mystery. They aren't close to that final destination whatsoever. And now, the secret is already coming unraveled within the government. It's not enough for Beth to target the faces of power alongside her newfound radical group. But it offers clarity to people on the inside. Kimberly believes she has finally found a way to target Jennifer. She has to be careful in making this accusation. This mission provides her with purpose. She needs to feel hopeful about the world being restored. She is delusional to an extent. She is choosing to ignore the obstacles that stand in her way as well as the loss she has endured. The world needs men. All of this must have happened for a reason. It's not her place to question God. Marla sees things more clearly. She knows that people have willingly deceived her. They made her seem crazy. She confronts them. She continues to be gaslit. She walks away as that seems like the only rational choice. It's traumatic. Her whole world has been destroyed. The things that once brought her comfort have been wiped out. She doesn't know how to thrive when surrounded by others who do not care about her. People contributed to this dark isolation that consumed her. Jennifer will have to weigh with that. She is choosing to keep Yorick's continued existence a secret. That also comes at a time when more and more people are becoming aware of him. He stands out as unique too. He is a man with a monkey. That's a distinct detail. Men still exist in this world. They haven't exactly been treated kindly. That was the case previously regarding the trans community too. A mystery currently exists regarding the community populated by escaped prison inmates that welcome Yorick, Allison and Agent 355. But it also reveals the horrors that have long plagued the system. People continually insist that they will do better. That promise is enticing. The loss of all hope can be devastating as well. Those emotions fuel absolutely everything in this world struggling to survive. People want to keep things stable. Hard choices have been made. People feel important. It doesn't take much for all of this to slide into oblivion though. Part of that is fueled by rightful speculation and fear. But that's also been built up as a threat by a system designed to compel everyone to be distrustful and fearful of others - especially those who present themselves as a benevolent government.