Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Development News - Arianna Williams and Jimmy Gonzales to Co-Star on Amazon Drama Pilot 'Once Upon a Time in Aztlan'

Development News - November 17, 2021

Amazon's Once Upon a Time in Aztlan.

  • Arianna Williams and Jimmy Gonzales will co-star on the drama pilot starring George Lopez. Williams previously starred in the LMN film Killer Cheer Mom. Gonzales has recurred on AMC's Lodge 49 and FX's Mayans M.C.
  • Williams will play Angela, a Gen-Z Afro Latina, who is fiercely independent, confident and always adapting. She is the face of our modern Los Angeles. The Duran family have hung their hopes on Angela as their luminary, but she's in deep debt to her nefarious uncle, who's co-signed her loans to USC. Her father, Arturo (Jesse Garcia) returns to her life after a long absence, presenting a challenging new vision of her future.
  • Gonzales will play Hector, whose pursuit of "get rich or die trying" dreams landed his partner Arturo in prison for thirteen years. Since then, he's further cemented his influence over the Duran family. He has a son with Lola (Annie Gonzalez) and is the de facto father figure for Angela. Despite his overtures to legitimize himself, he's a lifelong hustler who's baiting the attention of the FBI.