Saturday, November 20, 2021

Development News - Kal Penn to Star in FX Comedy Pilot 'Belated' Written by Peter Tolan

Development News - November 20, 2021

FX's Belated.

  • Kal Penn will star in the comedy pilot written and to be directed by Peter Tolan. He previously starred for two seasons in FOX's House, three seasons in ABC/Netflix's Designated Survivor, one season in NBC's Sunnyside and one season in CBS' Clarice.
  • He will play Owen. Intelligent with a dry wit, he seemed to have life all figured out: he had a great wife and family, a home in a quaint, upscale Connecticut town, and a distinguished job as the head of pediatrics at a top New York City hospital. But a hookup with another man makes Owen reevaluate his sexual orientation and belatedly realize that he is gay. He has to find a way to navigate his new reality - while mending fences with his loved ones - a challenge made all the more daunting thanks to the arrival of Clay, who randomly appears on Owen's front stoop.