Friday, November 12, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nancy Drew' - Nancy's Pursuit of the Truth Leads Her Back to a Familiar Place in 'The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter'

The CW's Nancy Drew - Episode 3.06 "The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter"

The Drew Crew goes on the hunt for an underground prison that may hold answers to the Frozen Hearts killings - all while following a lead on a relic that could cure George of the paranormal affliction that's shortening her lifespan. Ace tries to enlist Amanda Bobbsey in bringing her father to justice.

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"The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter" was written by Lisa Bao and directed by Ruben Garcia

Plenty of secrets lurk within Horseshoe Bay. It's home to so many people. They wish to prosper and build on the greatness of this community. And yet, it's also a place where so much danger and mystery resides. Some people are aware of that and continually investigate. That's the Drew Crew. Nancy is their fearless leader. They aren't all always able to accompany her on each mission. Here, she only works alongside Ryan. That gives them some father-daughter bonding time though. It helps them connect to the past. It's an appreciation and acknowledgement of history while still seeking out answers for what's currently happening in Horseshoe Bay. Others are completely in the dark about the evil forces at work in this community. The dangers don't create enough turmoil to prevent people from chasing their dreams and hoping to achieve some prosperity in their lives. Their ignorance has to be noted though. They are a part of this environment without being fully aware of the history. That can inflict its own version of harm onto them. It means they aren't guided by the past. And so, they may make the same mistakes as those who came before them. And finally, some in this community are fully aware of the depths of every single mystery and supernatural entity. They sometimes try their best to warn off those who are curious and pursue these missions hoping to change their lives for the better. Others seek to exploit these elements to their singular benefit. That makes it seem pretty damning when evidence is found suggesting Hannah is the one who freed the Frozen Hearts Killer. Something more is obviously going on in that regard. She seems to have disappeared as well. Nancy leaves her messages believing that this historical connection can offer insight to her current plight. Of course, that doesn't hobble Nancy's investigation. She keeps Hannah in the loop. That doesn't come back to harm her. Hannah isn't actively trying to disrupt the progress of Nancy's mission. She also knows much more than she has told the members of the Drew Crew. She clearly wants to protect them. She knows just how dangerous the various entities and artifacts can be. The friends have been reckless in their endeavors in the past. They never acknowledge the depth of consequences for their actions. Hannah has always been there to support them. And now, Bess has essentially stepped into that role. She is the one working out of the historical society. Of course, all roads in Horseshoe Bay seem to lead back to that location. That's crucial as well. It's a source of information. But it's also a place close to the darkness in every regard. That's entrancing to someone like Bess. It's a way for her to feel connected as she pursues her new quest. It's a valuable resource for Nancy as she seeks out answers about what this town used to be and how that relates to its current form. But these characters are terrified and tortured on countless occasions because they seek out the darkness. Questions are posed though. They can't avoid them. That requires them to rely on each other. It's not healthy for Nick and George to be fighting. They are still learning how to communicate with each other. Sure, their fight was epic. However, it doesn't pull them apart. They still learn and grow. Ace is similarly learning how to be a part of his family without being solely defined by his parents. His father's secret caused damage. Ace repeats the same pattern as he uses Amanda to track down her father. That is disruptive. That ends their relationship. Everyone is essentially left not knowing how to feel about anything in their lives. That's not a new feeling for them. They have been in a similar headspace before. But they are still left questioning the people they trust in this community and their own accountability in everything that has happened. They remain safe and protected. That has to mean something. They have to make something of their lives at the same time though. They need to step up. They can't avoid these feelings forever. Nor can they run away from the mysteries. They each get sucked in. That's in their nature. It can be all-consuming. And now, the audience stands right alongside each of them demanding the truth no matter the personal damage that the pursuit might cause to those they love. They can often make their way back to each other. Sometimes they aren't even consciously doing that. Nancy and Ryan still emerge from a secret door at the historical society after all. But that too only invites more darkness and uncertainty to creep it. They find some comfort in these personal relationships. They have to nurture those bonds just as much as they pursue answers about the vicious crimes that happen in Horseshoe Bay.