Tuesday, December 7, 2021

HBO and Channel 4 to Co-Produce Drama 'Get Millie Black' Created by Marlon James

HBO and Channel 4 have today given a series order to the original drama series Get Millie Black created by author Marlon James (A Brief History of Seven Killings). The series will produce six episodes.

Former Scotland Yard detective Millie-Jean Black returns to Kingston, Jamaica to work missing persons and soon finds herself on a quest to save a sister who won't be saved, to find a boy who can't be found, to solve a case that will blow her world apart and prove almost as tough to crack as Millie Black. The series will explore the troubled legacy of racism, slavery, sexuality, classism and cycles of trauma in the post-colonial landscape of Britain and Jamaica, told through the unique perspective of Millie - a girl born on the Rock, raised in London, who claims to be both British and Jamaican, yet somehow belongs to neither place.

James will executive produce with Simon Maxwell and Leopoldo Gout. Motive Pictures will produce in association with HBO and Channel 4.

"My mother was one of the first policewomen in Jamaica to make detective," said James. "Storytelling has always struck me first and foremost as a mystery to be solved - which I'm sure I got from her. Millie, from the second she appeared in my imagination was a brilliant, mercurial, hilarious, unpredictable force of nature; someone who was always there, just waiting for her story to be told. I didn't create her, I found her."