Thursday, February 24, 2022

REVIEW: 'Raised by Wolves' - Sue Is Willing to Sacrifice Anything to Save Paul's Life From a Biological Weapon in 'King'

HBO Max's Raised by Wolves - Episode 2.05 "King"

Sue resorts to prayer in her desperation to cure Paul, Father's project takes on new life, and hope is briefly renewed for Marcus and his followers.

"King" was written by Aaron Guzikowski and directed by Alex Gabassi

Sue doesn't believe in Sol. However, she accepts that some unknown force provided her with the cure to the biological weapon used on Paul. She is desperate and willing to do anything to save his life. Paul positions the entire conversation as one about faith. He sees no difference between god and aliens. Whatever is truly going on has a direct impact on their lives. Some of it may be easy to explain. Some of it may be beyond the reach of humanity. That's what drives faith. Sue is willing to accept that she doesn't have all the answers. Even when guided by technology, she can't find a way to save Paul's life. It's only when she sacrifices to some higher power that she finds salvation. It's such a feral instinct as well. It's terrifying when she walks into the room to save Paul's body from the leeches surrounding it. She is unafraid when she confronts the sea creature she lures to the beach to collect the leeches from its back. She will do whatever it takes to save her child. She has that strong connection. No blood relation exists between them. And yet, she feels compelled to take care of Paul as if he were her child. This whole endeavor may actually allow Paul to forgive her for lying about what happened to his true parents. The previous obstacle standing in the way was her being unwilling to believe in Sol. He viewed her soul as being damned for all eternity. As a non-believer, that's the only fate that she can have. That means it's no use to try to save her. She is damned no matter what if she doesn't believe. He can't convert her either. That is her own journey. Of course, she isn't the only one whose perspective shifts quickly. Campion also believes he was saved by Sol's light. Sure, that may just be the being Father has brought back to life in his lab. That mystery still persists. But no one can question it for too long because Paul is saved. It seemed like he was doomed. He would be the necessary casualty that incites more destruction amongst the Collective. Mother is just as desperate to find a cure. She ignores Holly's message as well. She tasks Father with tracking her down and bringing her back. It's necessary for these children to be together in an atheist society. Religion is a more complex subject than that. Faith has guided many people on a distinct path. What they discover may only be their own shortcomings as fatal outcomes arrive for many along Marcus' journey. Paul isn't one of them. Sue will give whatever in order to continue keeping him safe.

Aspects of this planet are coming alive. It all presents as a reactivation thanks to the Mithraic technology. The civilization that once existed on this planet seems built on the same principles. That's why so much of the imagery matches up with what the main characters see. They perceive it all as confirmation that they remain on the righteous path. They are rewarded for their faith. In reality, it may show the complexities of the human race. Plenty of people have given themselves over to this deity. Great technological advances were made. Danger may lurk for those who don't know the sanctity of what came before them. Marcus is drown to the temples on the planet. He is praised as a prophet. He lost his extraordinary powers. He still feels compelled to lead others to their destinies. They believe it's a sacred destination waiting for them. It's only for the pure of heart. Marcus can lead them. They trust him completely. They make sacrifices for him. They wish to give him strength no matter what comes. That leaves them defenseless when tragedy does strike. He pushed Decima to break her connection with the android she made in likeness of her daughter. No good can come from having a non human on this journey. She listened to him. She made the same choices that led to her daughter's death in the first place. Her reward is being hunt down and killed. Everyone in the group is slaughtered. Holly survives. Her life is in peril too. She praises Sol for keeping Marcus safe. All he finds in the pit below is another piece of technology that can unlock the clues that once meant so much to the people who built this planet. It's all played as having special meaning attached to it. It may be chasing after ghosts in the pursuit of something special. Some people truly believe though. They cannot be broken no matter what. Paul hasn't lost his faith despite almost dying in this war. The Collective has been destroyed with only a few left behind willing to let Mother lead in the interim. No one is certain in their path. Father knows he must return Holly to the family. In doing so, he allows Lucius to decide Marcus' fate. Marcus led his followers to death. Lucius believes he is the only true Mithraic left open to the world's grand mysteries. It's probably not as simple as that. Marcus does escape death multiple times. That follows the same pattern as most of the narrative stakes. That goes unchanged even as some reactions are viscerally felt because of how transformational they can be.