Tuesday, February 1, 2022

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Lois Seeks Out Lucy to Understand Why She Is Attacking Her Credibility in 'The Inverse Method'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 2.04 "The Inverse Method"

Lois and Chrissy are on a mission to find Lois' sister Lucy. Jonathan and Jordan become more and more unsettled as Clark's painful visions continue. Lana, Kyle and Sarah share a family breakfast and discuss Sarah's upcoming quinceañera. Natalie and her father share a bonding moment.

"The Inverse Method" was written by Jai Jamison & Andrew N. Wong and directed by Melissa Hickey

Lucy disagrees with Lois about who saved her during her drug overdose. Lois is the one who called the paramedics and ensured that her sister was revived. Meanwhile, Lucy believes the drugs were necessary in order to witness her truer self. Ally pushed her to her limits. As a result, she now has clarity over her life. It was then a betrayal when Lois published the intimate details of their private conversations. From her perspective, it was entirely a one-sided takedown of the woman who helped her heal. Of course, Lucy is still blaming the world around her for her problems. She believes her sister drove their mother away from the family and has no remorse about it at all. Lucy yearns for a mother which certainly made her more susceptible to Ally's sway. All of this is made more complicated by the fact that Lois did make mistakes as a journalist. She is human after all. She isn't perfect. She had a personal vendetta in this story. She thought she did everything right in disclosing that fact. She wanted to protect Lucy's privacy. No one knew who the source was from within the Lane family. But Lucy felt betrayed because her side that highlighted the blessings that came from the overdose were ignored. All that was left behind was a journalist targeting someone who can create a reasonable sense of everything ultimately being misconstrued. Of course, that is justifying some horrifying behavior. None of this can be acceptable because a woman did die during the course of this treatment. The confrontations only further create doubts in Chrissy's mind about her mentor. She was enthralled to have Lois as a partner. She knew to be concerned about this podcast. She was objective every step of the way. That should assure the viewer that she remains levelheaded even though she is now getting close to Ally as well. She is the only person who can look at this complex story with the ability to weigh the merits of each side. Lois, Lucy and Ally have their beliefs. Now, it's Chrissy's job to get to the truth. That empowers her as a character. It's still the narrative discrediting Lois in order to do so. That's striking as well considering how revered she is as a journalist. That is a core characteristic of hers. It too can be shaded and corrupted by her love of family. It's a betrayal when she hears Lucy on the podcast. Clark and Jordan listen in and know how hurt she must feel in this moment. Betrayal by family is more devastating than any other kind of pain. The Clark family is especially close. Secrets are still being kept. Jordan wants his grandfather to train him now. Jonathan is taking X-Kryptonite to become the star football player once more. Those are precarious developments. They seem to be happening because Jordan and Jonathan have the freedom to roam this world with their parents being too busy and distracted by the new threats to their livelihoods. Of course, Natalie and John Henry are on the same page and it still leads to John Henry being seriously injured in the latest battle with Bizarro Superman. The same applies to the members of Anderson's super team. Superman may be the only person prepared for this fight. And yet, he doesn't have the strength to eliminate it. He too is personally compromised. The connection between him and this new entity still doesn't make much sense. He is operating in the dark. John Henry's life is in peril because of that. That's what he has to reckon with. John Henry was willing to make that sacrifice. But he was also pulled back into this fight because Clark and Lois felt so powerless. Blaming them may be a harsh punishment. And yet, it's still something they have to reckon with. They have to do so not even knowing the full extent of the dangers currently happening amongst their family. The show overwhelmingly states that families can overcome anything when they are loving and supportive of each other. Lana and Kyle trust Sarah by telling her about the attacks that could be coming during the mayoral campaign. She is strong enough to withstand them. She knows how to articulate and address her pain even when it makes her uncomfortable. That's a lesson her father takes with him as it's revealed he too has secrets that may be exposed and disrupt this family even though they appear stronger than ever before.