Tuesday, February 22, 2022

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Sarah's Celebration Is Disrupted by a Personal Betrayal in 'Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 2.05 "Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon"

Lana, Kyle and Sarah prepare for Sarah's quinceañera, but things don't end up going as smoothly as they had hoped. Clark finds himself struggling with feelings of guilt about what happened to John Henry. Lois worries that she might have been wrong about Ally. Jonathan learns that Ret. General Samuel Lane is planning to train Jordan. Chrissy goes searching for the truth about Lois.

"Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon" was written by Rina Mimoun & Adam Mallinger and directed by Diana Valentine

Upon seeing Dr. Faulker in a tape from an Inverse Method meeting, Lois suspects a connection exists between Ally Allston and Bizarro Superman. The season was already playing around with those themes. Clark was battling an inverse version of himself. They were both equally haunted by visions about lives they had vividly led. Meanwhile, Lois has been wrapped up in a former story facing newfound scrutiny on Ally's cult which preaches about the hidden self that lurks within everyone. Lois believed everything Ally was doing was spiritual. It was about people looking within and trusting her with their desires no matter what. In reality, she has a pendant that can actually transport them to a different reality when used in combination with a drug. She believes that anyone who experiences that ascension will immediately support her mission. As such, she subjects Chrissy to the procedure without her consent. She drugs her and forces this journey onto her. It's clarifying because it proves how Lois was wrong in her prior story. She allowed a personal vendetta to prevent her from being objective. Of course, she was also fundamentally right about Ally being a toxic individual who seeks power over others. In this alternate reality, she is omnipresent. The audience doesn't actually get to see Chrissy's journey. It's simply perilous to know she may not make it back on her own. That's a risk Ally is more than capable of taking. She doesn't care who will ascend. It's all part of a bigger story. One where she can even perceive herself as an innocent and misunderstood victim. She makes Lois question herself and her career. Meanwhile, Superman flies in to save her from being killed. Dr. Faulker is murdered by Bizarro Superman. That confirms the links between these various stories. Clark realizes this new antagonist truly is his opposite in every way. That makes it easier to subdue because he has easier access to X-Kryptonite than Kryptonite. That only comes with the daunting realization that Ally is the true mastermind everyone should be worried about. Yes, it's always easy to see the danger that can come from those with superhuman abilities. Superman could be a weapon in the wrong hands. Bizarro Superman claims he wants to save his world and Clark's. That only sets out more mysteries that must be solved. It comes at a time when Clark doesn't have the vast resources of the world available to him because the Department of Defense no longer trusts him to be objective.

Trust has to be earned and carefully managed. Superman spent years making sure humanity saw him as a savior who would protect them no matter what. He is a servant to the world. He isn't loyal to one country over another. That's what has sparked his conflict with Anderson. Trust isn't a subject solely relegated to superheroes or others in positions of power. It informs every human dynamic. As such, it's a concept that can define so many of stories. It's not all about the adventures of Superman. It's also about the families in Smallville caught up in this turmoil. Lana hopes to improve this community. That's why she is running for mayor. She doesn't want anything to ruin her daughter's special day. Sarah is celebrating her quinceñera. While the family moves to stand more proudly in their Latin heritage, they are also coming apart due to Kyle's past actions. He had an affair with Tonya, a local bartender. Lana had her suspicions. He told her nothing ever happened. Kyle wants to ensure this story doesn't harm Lana's campaign. He wants her to win. He knows she will do good for Smallville. His behavior simply risks destroying what means so much to the important women in his life. This is suppose to be Sarah's day. Lana does pivot the conversation to ensure that remains true. She isn't ignoring what Kyle has done. He knows how harmful this action is. He can't excuse it away. It represents a loss of trust. This family has had their struggles. This simply continues that trajectory after seeming like they were finally on the same page. Meanwhile, the episode closes with Lois and Chrissy trusting each other as a team again. That only comes from Chrissy being truthful about her time with Ally. Lois is still keeping secrets. The underlying issue hasn't been solved. They simply know they must work together because the threat from Ally is too severe to let anything distract them. And finally, Jordan knows that something is off with Jonathan and confronts him about it. Jonathan deflects until his powers brought on by X-Kryptonite activate. Jordan doesn't immediately see that as a personal betrayal. It's his brother coming into his own within this family of superheroes. This news should be celebrated. He can be special too. That's not what's going on though. Jonathan made all of this happen. He won't be able to hide the truth from his family forever. These powers are doing more harm than good. They've altered his demeanor. Stress will only increase that rage and recklessness.