Friday, February 4, 2022

REVIEW: 'The Afterparty' - Chelsea Details Her Plan to Enact Revenge on Xavier For How He Wronged Her in 'Chelsea'

AppleTV+'s The Afterparty - Episode 1.04 "Chelsea"

Chelsea reveals her not-so-innocent motive: revenge, plain and simple. Her recollection is a tense psychological thriller.

"Chelsea" was written by Bridger Winegar and directed by Christopher Miller

Chelsea became the prime suspect in Xavier's death. She claims one of the items from the murder scene. She has been acting suspiciously throughout the entire night. Danner prioritizes hearing her story over looking for the missing Jennifer 2. The detective is only out of her makeshift interrogation room long enough for Aniq to sneak in and continue hearing what everyone has to say. Big revelations still come out as well. Even in the events that have played out from the same sequences have new meaning. Plenty saw Chelsea as drunk and out-of-control. They were sad for her because she did so well in school. She was incredibly popular. She had a bright future in front of her. And yet, it all went downhill. She now blames Xavier for that tragic spiral. All it took was one embarrassing night at the St. Patrick's Day party. Danner is starting to pinpoint that night from 15 years ago as the source of trauma amongst these friends. Their resentments towards Xavier stem from that night. Of course, she isn't given any easy answers as to what happened. Again, the show needs to drag this mystery out a little while longer. However, it can easily be annoying how Chelsea talks around the reason why she wants revenge against Xavier. It's just important that she sees herself in a thriller running for her life at all times. That's the way life feels for her. It doesn't matter what inspired that hook. The same was true of all the previous interviews. It doesn't matter why Yasper views his life as a musical or Aniq sees life as a romantic comedy. Those details do interconnect with the other perspectives though. It's because Aniq was so hopeful about a future with Zoe that makes it so heartwarming when Chelsea actually props him up as a good, mature option for Zoe. That connection is known. Chelsea operates with that charity even though she was the one having an affair with Brett. It wasn't good. They remain in each other's lives even though they don't want to be. Chelsea is afraid. She believes she is being chased. It's all harmless fun in the end. Walt was simply trying to return her car keys. She has no idea who he is. No one at the reunion does. That remains a constant for him. For Chelsea, this night is all about confronting Xavier. Her plan to embarrass him isn't that inventive. She can't even follow through with it either. Of course, it does explain how Aniq passed out so easily once arriving to the afterparty. He remains the prime suspect in Xavier's death though. Chelsea was placed up in the room with him. However, she came down before Yasper played his video and Aniq woke up. Everything continues to confirm him with the access and motive to kill. Aniq makes no progress either. He appreciates and recognizes Chelsea being sorry for how she acted. She tried to take care of him. She realizes the honest friendship Aniq and Yasper were giving her. That contrasts with the shame delivered by Jennifer 1 and 2 as well as the threatening texts. She still can't put a face to those messages though. That becomes a new mystery that must be explored. The season is certainly building up these intriguing developments that could prove consequential or just paint a fuller picture of this world. The payoffs are being delayed for now. Danner has the responsible to put them all together. Even then, she may have the same basic opinion of Chelsea as everyone else does. She is insane. She has refused to take accountability for her own actions for a long time. She came to a realization during this night. She just needed Xavier to say he is an asshole and a douche. That was comforting and freeing enough. And then, she could own up to her mistakes and try to be better. It's a story of personal growth despite her fears. That's reassuring on a character level. It still leaves Danner spinning in circles. She seeks clarity. She is bound to expose Aniq for interfering with the investigation. That will make him look even more guilty. The answer can't be that simple though. The audience has that awareness. Now, the show has to prove whether or not anyone else sees that conclusion while also finding the true killer.