Friday, March 11, 2022

Development News - Geena Davis to Star in CBS Drama Pilot; Jill Eikenberry Returns for 'L.A. Law' Reboot; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - March 11, 2022

ABC's L.A. Law; CBS' Untitled Scott Prendergast; The CW's Walker: Independence; and NBC's Unbroken.

  • Jill Eikenberry will reprise her role from the original series as a guest star in the drama pilot starring Blair Underwood and Corbin Bernsen. She previously starred for all eight seasons of the original series, receiving five Emmy Award nominations for her performance.
  • She plays Kelsey, an associate/partner in the firm during the original series. In the pilot, she has now become a judge.
  • Geena Davis will play the female lead in the drama pilot written by Scott Prendergast. She won an Academy Award in 1989 for her performance in the film The Accidental Tourist. More recently, she starred in the first season of FOX's The Exorcist and recurred on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Netflix's GLOW.
  • She will play Joan, a razor-sharp attorney and a self-made success who put herself through law school to support her three kids when her first husband died. Very controlling and always aware of appearances, she must rely on Todd, her least reliable child, when her second marriage mysteriously unravels. And while she can't condone Todd's less than legal tactics, she's impressed by his ability to sleuth out information. 
  • Anna Wood, Olunik√© Adeliyi, Amanda Payton and Delon de Metz have joined the cast of the drama pilot written by Shaun Cassidy. Wood previously starred in CBS' one-season drama The Code. Adeliyi recurs on the Canadian comedy Workin' Moms. Payton currently stars in Sky One's Code 404, which has been renewed for a third season. De Metz has starred in CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful since 2020.
  • Wood will play Joss, a fearless survivor and self-sufficient woman who lives a nomadic life with her young daughter.
  • Adeliyi will play Ndidi "Dee" Stanton, a first-generation Nigerian-American who worked in the hospitality industry before meeting her future husband, a rodeo cowboy in her hometown of Omaha. She then travels with him to the California coast to raise a family.
  • Payton will play Ella, the vibrant and creative winemaker at the ranch. She is the glue who has worked diligently to hold her family together since her mother's passing.
  • De Metz will play Cole, the young man who runs the trail-riding operation at the ranch and is still searching for his true place in the family.
  • Lawrence Kao will co-star on the drama pilot starring Matt Barr. He previously starred in Netflix's one-season drama Wu Assassins. He also recurred on The CW's The Originals and USA's The Purge.
  • He will play Kai, a young Chinese man with a kind face and fluent in English. He runs a local laundry, in partner with the older, more taciturn Bowen Sing. A former railroad worker, he has settled into his new life in Independence, where he meets Abby. He quickly befriends her, offering Abby her first meal and a friendly word of advice about staying in Independence.