Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Development News - Frankie Faison Joins 'The Rookie' Spinoff; Hulu Orders Comedy Pilot 'Bammas'; Plus 4 More Updates!

Development News - March 15, 2022

ABC's Josep, The Son in Law & Untitled The Rookie Spinoff; CBS' Untitled Scott Prendergast; The CW's The Winchesters; and Hulu's Bammas

  • BAMMAS (Comedy, Single Camera) - Written by and starring Opeyemi "Opey" Olagbaju and Biniam Bizuneh. Directed by Jonathan Krisel. Showrun by Danny Chun. Executive produced by Olagbaju, Bizuneh, Krisel, Chun, Ramy Youssef and Andy Campagna. Produced by ABC Signature and Cairo Cowboy. Logline: A pair of young Ethiopian- and Nigerian-American best friends (Olagbaju, Bizuneh) struggle to overcome their loser reputations in a magical realist version of Washington, D.C.
  • Frankie Faison will appear in the two-part, backdoor pilot spinoff of The Rookie starring Niecy Nash. He previously starred for four seasons in HBO's The Wire and four seasons in Cinemax's Banshee.
  • He will play Christopher "Cutty" Clark, a man whose dreams were shattered when he was falsely imprisoned in the '80s. He worked hard to put his life back together after he was exonerated. He is a proud, no-nonsense man with a subversive sense of humor.
  • Kimee Balmilero, Tess Paras and Jason Rogel have joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring Jo Koy. Balmilero previously starred for three seasons in CBS' Hawaii Five-0. Paras recurred on The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rogel recurred on Amazon's Bosch and Disney's Raven's Home.
  • Balmilero will play Geraldine, Jo's (Koy) sister. Wearing hipster glasses and pink highlights, she runs a Filipino restaurant with her husband Seth (Rory O'Malley). A relentless self-promoter, Geri and Jo are locked in a lifelong battle to be Lorna's (Mia Katigbak) favorite.
  • Paras will play Cheryl, Jo's newly-divorced ex-wife, the mother of their son, Miles (Kaden Alejandro), and a goal-oriented attorney. She is determined to remain friends with Jo, and appears to be having an easier transition to a single lifestyle than Jo is. In fact, Cheryl pitches in and helps him deal with Lorna.
  • Rogel will play Will Lee, a pharmacist with an impish smile and Jo's best friend since high school. He regards all social occasions as potential mating opportunities.
  • Madeline Wise and Inga Schlingmann have been cast as series regulars on the drama pilot starring Geena Davis and Skylar Astin. Wise is currently recurring on Freeform's Single Drunk Female and Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard. Schlingmann recurred on ABC's Take Two.
  • Wise will play Allison, Todd's (Astin) diplomatic sister and an E.R. trauma surgeon. Smart and high-achieving, she is eager to keep the peace between Todd and their demanding mother, Joan (Davis). She shoulders many family obligations that her two brothers shirk. Often busy, and a bit scattered, she is married to the very good-looking but doltish Chuck whom she knows is her intellectual inferior. She is dissatisfied with the picture-perfect life Joan designed for her and is teetering on the brink of taking it all apart.
  • Schlingmann will play Susan, Todd's ex-girlfriend who works with Joan. She has clearly moved on, is engaged and has just bought her first home. When she broke Todd's heart years ago, it was because she ultimately found him to be too much of a child.
  • Chris Sullivan will play the lead role in the comedy pilot written by Ajay Sahgal. He currently stars in NBC's This Is Us, which is now airing its sixth and final season.
  • He will play Jake, a salt-of-the-earth divorced man, with one 21-year-old daughter, who never thought he would love again, until Asha came along. The problem is that Jake, a hard-working plumbing contractor, is solidly middle class, while Asha hails from the equivalent of uber-wealthy South Asian royalty. Jake wants to marry Asha, and while he still needs to ask Asha's father for his blessing, the real stumbling block is Asha's loving but controlling mother, who doesn't hide her feelings about Jake being all wrong for her daughter.
  • Nida Khurshid and Jojo Fleites are set as series regulars on the drama pilot written by Robbie Thompson. Khurshid previously guest starred on ABC's For the People and Station 19. Fleites will make his television acting debut with the pilot.
  • Khurshid will play Latika Desai. Fiercely intelligent and braver than she believes, she is a young hunter-in-training whose research and problem-solving skills help her face her fears in battling dark forces.
  • Fleites will play Carlos Cervantez. Easygoing and confident, he is a natural when it comes to fighting demons and a boost of positivity for the team as it takes on more serious threats.