Tuesday, March 1, 2022

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Trust Issues Plague Everyone as Several Conflicts Come to a Head in 'Tried and True'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 2.06 "Tried and True"

Lois tells Clark that she and Chrissy plan to do a deeper dive into the Inverse Society. Lana and Sarah try to comfort each other after the fallout at Sarah's quinceañera. Jordan notices somethings suspicious in Jonathan's book bag. Lt. Mitch Anderson finds himself under fire for the deterioration of the department of defense's relationship with Superman.

"Tried and True" was written by Max Kronick & Patrick Barton Leahy and directed by Amy Jo Johnson

Anderson cannot understand why Superman doesn't trust him. Of course, he hasn't done anything to deserve that trust. With his latest action, it's unlikely he will receive it anytime soon. And yet, he is the public face of the Department of Defense. Sam used to fulfill that role. It caused lots of tension with his family. He has changed in retirement. Everyone can see it. They embrace it too. It means so much to them. They can see how he is genuinely trying to do better as a parent and grandparent. Hardships still exist. He always sees things through a natural security lens. He is trying his best to be there for his family. With Anderson, it's all about bringing in results right away to prove to his superiors he is doing something. He sees Superman as disloyal and unpatriotic. He saves the lives of America's enemies. He has no shame about rushing off to save the day either. Superman never pledged himself to America. He is the protector of the entire world. Wherever disaster strikes, he goes to help. He can make a difference. Anderson adds that to the list of lies he has been told. He demands loyalty. Superman needs to follow the chain of command. He steps out of order. That's labeled as treasonous. He is deserving of incarceration alongside his brother. That's wildly disproportionate. That's the kind of power Anderson has. He doesn't make this decision by himself. He presents this mission plan to his superiors. He gets their approval. And so, the entire military industrial complex has turned against Superman. It's all from the perception of deceit. Superman is trying to save as many lives as he can. He knows the pendant Bizarro Superman had is dangerous. It must be destroyed. Superman believes he has earned the trust of the world. His word should be good enough. He runs into obstacles with those skeptical of him. They don't believe he has put in the work to be trustworthy. It's the overall attitude of questioning everyone's true intentions. It comes from men trying to flex their own power in a world where people with powers can cause so much damage. Superman has to navigate through that bureaucracy. He tries his best. It breaks down. This move is precarious. Bizarro Superman remains in captivity. Those constraints will continue to suppress him. The Kent family has been torn apart. Clark offers himself freely and willingly to so many. He is generous with his spirt. That compassion is such a core drive within him. It's hard to believe sometimes. He is genuinely that good. People still treat him with skepticism.

All of this is an epic distraction from the true threat. Bizarro Superman warns his opposite about the danger coming if Ally merges with her alternate self. She has already conquered one world. The power that comes from her pendant may turn her into an actual god. That terminology has already been utilized to express Superman's importance for humanity. He is noble with his deeds. Not everyone with powers can be trusted to use them responsibly. Lois sees how her sister was coerced into joining a cult. She knows it's more real than she was previously led to believe. She sees that truth now. It remains dangerous. The sisters can act as a family when given the opportunity. That's what Sam hopes to create. It's good for an afternoon. Their tension can't be avoided forever. The reasons for their estrangement continue to ring out. They don't trust the other. They believe they have only contorted the facts to attack what means so much to them. It's a similar struggle for so many across the narrative. The bond between Jonathan and Jordan has always been so loving and profound. Jordan was genuinely excited upon learning Jonathan was developing his own powers. And now, he realizes it's a lie. Jonathan has been using X-Kryptonite to be a better football player. The mineral has altered his mood and emotional well-being. Those repercussions linger far beyond the football field. It infects the game too. He can no longer enjoy it. It's tainted because of his actions. He sees that. He is still eager to conceal the truth. He is celebrated by the team but feels empty inside. Jordan's hatred only adds to that. And finally, Lana needs to know the truth about Kyle's affair. She learns that he did ultimately make the right decision to fight for his family. When Sarah nearly died, he snapped back into place. He was there for them when they needed him the most. And yet, Lana doesn't believe he would fight that hard to save his marriage. Their bond has changed over the years. Their actions recently matter more than how they felt when they first fell in love as teenagers. They can idolize the past. They can't maintain that forever. Their lives have evolved. They have always done so together. This revelation forces Lana to put everything into new context. She doesn't know where she'll end up because of it. Right now, she knows she can rely on the entire Kent family for support. Kyle has been kicked out of the house. That's not changing anytime soon as everyone struggles with trust issues.