Friday, April 22, 2022

Casting News - Robert Sean Leonard and Laura Benanti Land Recurring Roles on 'The Gilded Age'; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - April 22, 2022

Amazon's The Wheel of Time and HBO's The Gilded Age.

  • Robert Sean Leonard, Laura Benanti, Nicole Brydon Bloom, Michael Braugher, Christopher Denham, David Furr, Ben Lamb, Matilda Lawler and Dakin Matthews have been cast in recurring roles on the drama's upcoming second season. Leonard previously starred for eight seasons in FOX's House. Benanti recently recurred on TV Land's Younger, HBO Max's Gossip Girl and Hulu's Life & Beth. Bloom guest starred on Showtime's The Affair and NBC's Law & Order: SVU. Braugher appeared on Broadway in the play To Kill a Mockingbird. Denham starred for two seasons in WGN America's Manhattan. Furr recurred on Amazon's The Man in the High Castle and CBS' Bull. Lamb starred in Netflix's A Christmas Prince film franchise. Lawler starred in the HBO Max limited series Station Eleven. Matthews guest starred on Paramount+'s Evil and Why Women Kill
  • Leonard will play Reverend Matthew Forte, a jovial, congenial man, and recent transplant from Boston. He is the new rector of the church attended by all the highest New York society.
  • Benanti will play Susan Blane. Recently widowed by a rich, dull man many years her senior, she is a very beautiful, glamorous woman living in Newport who hires Larry (Harry Richardson) as her architect for a major renovation on her Newport home.
  • Bloom will play Caroline Stuyvesant. A beguiling socialite, Oscar (Blake Ritson) immediately recognizes her as the perfect heiress for marriage and a great match for his wit and disposition, while she finds him to be a valued confidant.
  • Braugher will play Booker T. Washington. The famed educator, he invites New York journalists Thomas Fortune (Sullivan Jones) and Peggy Scott (DenĂ©e Benton) to tour his new school in Tuskegee.
  • Denham will play Robert McNeil, a wealthy, mainstream and somewhat uptight banker who is trying to navigate New York high society with his wife.
  • Furr will play Dashiell Montgomery, Agnes' (Christine Baranski) nephew by marriage. He is wealthy, widowed and has recently moved to New York with his school-age daughter, Frances.
  • Lamb will play the Duke of Buckingham, a posh British nobleman recently arrived in New York. He catches Bertha's (Carrie Coon) eye as a tool for her ambition and match for Gladys (Taissa Farmiga).
  • Lawler will play Frances Montgomery, Dashiell's daughter. She is innocent, naturally charming, endearing and well-bred with good manners.
  • Matthews will play Mr. Winterton. A very rich widower, he married his new, young wife after an extremely short courtship - so short she hadn't yet met any of his society friends and he is unaware of her past.
  • Ayoola Smart has landed a recurring role on the drama's upcoming second season. She previously recurred on BBC America's Killing Eve.
  • She will play Aviendha, a Wise One of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel and one of the three lovers of Rand al'Thor (Josha Stradowski).